December 11, 2018

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Why They Won’t Blog (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Why They Won’t Blog (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Why Won’t They Blog?
Marketing Conversation
As much as I hate when anyone says “so and so just doesn’t get it!” in regards to social media, Jonathan Trenn’s post with nine reasons an agency may just not “get it” is worth a read. his explanations range from understandable to less likely, and he urges readers to add their own thoughts and ideas. My favorite was his last remark, that the enthusiasm of the evangelists can sometimes work against them, drowning social media in its own hype. “”Engage or die”.  “The customer is in control of the brand”.  Overblown statements by ‘visionaries’ that usually aren’t true and turn off
traditional marketers.  Statements like that seem to be directed at other social media strategists where it becomes part of the echo chamber.  Not everyone had to ‘engage’ and not everyone will die if they fail to do so.”

Vocab Quiz
The conversation regarding the value of basic, “101-style” posts continues, but I think we can all agree that some basic information can provide valuable insight into social media for newbies. Mike Sansone has started a glossary of social media terms, including a few that I actually didn’t know the definitions to, so a post like this is pretty valuable. “Social Media: The tool set (including blogs) which everyone can use to publish content to the web. This can include audio,
video, photos, text, files…just about anything. And these days, everyone is a content producer.”

Facebook Marketing
Web Strategy by Jeremiah
Jeremiah Owyang reports from a presentation by Rodney Rumford on Facebook marketing techniques.  Interestingly, the best strategies for marketing on Facebook are ones that take the biggest risks. “Rodney gave the example of the where I’ve been map, and suggested that brand managers should consider sponsoring existing successful apps,
rather than create their own. Rodney suggested that advertising rates were disappointing yet, suggested that interactive marketing and social ads gave more opportunity. First, define success, lay out metrics, use a multi-pronged approach (there are many different tools to use).”

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