December 18, 2018

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Wish I Were There (and Other PR PodJots)

Wish I Were There (and Other PR PodJots)

Welcome to CustomScoop’s Weekly PR PodJots, our rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. This week, special thanks go out to Jen Wrobleski and Ryan O’Rourke for lending a helping hand in compiling the Jots. I’m beginning with a special “beachcast,” because it is snowing in New Hampshire and I cannot emphasize enough how much I long for beach weather. Enjoy!
**10 Golden Rules for Internet Marketing – [The Beachcast](**
For his latest offering on Internet Marketing, Jay Berkowitz decided to torture me by heading to Costa Rica while it’s still snowing here in the barren tundra of New Hampshire. I hope he’s happy! Among many other topics, he discusses improving your online reputation by using smart SEO to land on the front page of Google results for your brand.
In particular, his correspondent Michael discusses the importance of pinging. I admit it, I don’t think i knew the official definition of pinging until it was just explained to me, and it’s a term I probably use more frequently than those not in this profession. Hey, you learn something new every day, right? Michael urges listeners to be sure to ping their blogs with every update, so the search engine spiders will be sure to know that you’ve updated, and bring your site to the top of the most recent results.
Also Discussed
– An interview with Internet Marketing Expert Ron Caporale, the CEO of
– Review of the 10 Golden Rules
– Live Q&A session
– Twitter tools
– An open letter to MSN and Yahoo
**Around the PR Podcast Horn (in no particular order):**
[**Diary of a Shameless Self Promoter**]( – Dog tired at the end of the day? Nodding off at work? Tune into Heidi Miller’s latest show, in which she chats with Elene Cafasso on how to stay up and motivated when you feel like putting your head down on your desk for 20 winks.
[**The Engaging Brand**](—emot.html) – In a two-part offering (find part one [here](, Anna Farmery continues her discussion with Galba Bright on the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership. Today they discuss self-awareness, and how that quality adds to leadership capability.
**[Jaffe Juice](** – Joseph returns from three week hiatus with a particularly deep voice and a long discussion about “breaking out of the fish bowl” – or finding new ways to reach out to people who do not typically participate in online discussions. Jaffe also talks about the PR value of Starbucks’ decision to close all stores for a few hours to work on ways to “rededicate” the company to their customers.
**[Probecast](** – Doug Haslam, Sandy Kalik, Adam Zand and Todd Van Hoosear tackle a number of hot PR-related issues this week. Topics include allegations of food tampering, Iraq, and Starbucks. As baseball season is finally underway, the group praises both the Yankees and the Redsox. The former earns props for supporting Virginia Tech, while the reigning champs get a little love for standing up for their coaches.
**[Six Pixels of Separation](** – Mitch Joel talks about the developing format of his podcast, and the unique value of audio interviews. Joel also discusses how search and search optimization is evolving, and offers seven tips for “priming” your website for Universal Search.
**[For Immediate Release](** – Shel and Neville recorded another set of interesting podcasts this week. On Monday, the pair highlighted PR student Lindsay Nicole Loughman’s compilation from Edelman’s recent Digital Bootcamp held earlier this month at the University of Georgia. Later in the week, the duo discussed an upcoming FIR book review podcast of Elements of Internet Style and an interview podcast with Craig Silverman, which will both air in April.
**[Marketing Over Coffee](** – John and Chris cover a variety of topics in this week’s podcast, including several announcements from Google. They note that Google recently launched demographic targeting for AdWords and discuss the role video plays in improving search engine optimization. The pair also weighed the pros and cons of having a predictable timetable for posting.
**[Marketing Martini](** – In an encore edition of his podcast, Bill Sweetman offers a top ten list of ways to maximize search engine results. Several tips include: putting a call to action in your advertisement, using slang, thinking of common misspellings, listing keywords in your advertisement, and several more!

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