December 16, 2018

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A Peek into New Comm Forum (and Other PR Blog Jots)

A Peek into New Comm Forum (and Other PR Blog Jots)

A Peek into New Comm Forum
The Buzz Bin

As the New Communications Forum continues out in California, Geoff Livingston gives us a peek into one of the sessions. Shel Holtz presents on the importance of understanding employees as a big part of a company’s brand–particularly employees who blog or otherwise participate in an online community. “Positive brand experiences can be created by individual employee bloggers who have the opportunity to represent companies well. Thomas Nelson Publishers provides an aggregate of employee blogs that are highlighted on the website. The most trusted spokesperson of a company comes from a REAL person who just happens to blog about where they work – not the CEO, not the official marketing person.”

Anything Goes?
Communication Overtones
The Internet can be a pretty free-wheeling place. Anywhere that something like “2 girls 1 cup” can exist has to be, doesn’t it? But Kami Huyse posed an interesting question on Twitter recently that boils down to how far is too far? What should be our guiding ethics when in the online world? “What are the ethics of an anything goes Internet world? How far is too far in your opinion? I asked the question because we find ourselves, for better or worse, in
an age where anyone can shape the medium (the Internet) to serve their purpose- altruistic, commercial or nefarious.”

Worst. Pitch. Ever.
BL Ochman

It’s been a while since we included a notoriously bad pitch in the jots, and the one featured on BL Ochman’s What’s Next blog is just too good (bad) to pass up. A befuddled flack contacted BL with the same bad pitch twice, and not only was about a topic she doesn’t even begin to cover, but also tried to “bribe” her with freebies in exchange for a mention. “What I want is for PR people to – please, please – read this and laugh, and then never send out a pitch that remotely resembles this. I received this one twice. I responded the first time by saying that advertising on What’s Next Blog is handled by And then, a few days later, this horse’s ass sent the same email to me again. Its ridiculousness speaks for itself.”

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