September 26, 2022

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Answer to the Question (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Answer to the Question (and Other PR Blog Jots)

The Answer?
PR 2.0
Yesterday I highlighted a post that posed the simple question “What is social media?” And today, Brian Solis posted thoughts that may be a good answer. His post is quite long and detailed, but explains the details of what’s involved in engaging in social media properly, and why no one is an expert. “Social Media is about facilitating interactions between people online. Just because we have the tools to engage, doesn’t make it any easier to do this the right way. Social media is about sociology and the understanding that with the new social tools available to us, we can more effectively observe the cultures of online communities and listen to and respond directly to people within the communities.”

Think Before You Film
Now is Gone

The shiny new tool bandwagon is an easy one to jump on, and may lead some companies or agencies to latch onto a social media tool without thinking of whether its benefits will really work for them. Ike Pigott lists some important questions to ponder before trying to launch a video campaign. “Any idiot can grab a camera and shoot some video, even attempt to narrate it. The real skill is the weaving of those words and pictures in ways that simultaneously reinforce each other and amplify the communication. You can pack a lot of impact in a little piece of video if you know what you’re doing. It’s a language — one you have to study for a long time before you understand the nuances. Or, you can hire someone to tell your story for you.”

You Don’t Own Me
Communication Overtones

In response to the kerfuffle involving Naked Conversations author Shel Israel, Kami Huyse muses about personal branding online. As everyone rushes to purchase “” to ensure no one can use that domain to tarnish their reputation, Kami realizes that even with these steps, there is no guarantee of controlling your own message. Personal brands are the same as any other–you can’t control the conversation online. “I realize that what doesn’t sit so well with me about all this talk of personal branding is that it goes back to our incessant need to control things.  And as has been rightly preached by Shel and others is that you can’t control the conversation anymore.  Shel is now living the truth if that statement out, but simply purchasing a domain name wouldn’t have changed the facts.”

Dave Fleet is one of those tools that’s easy to forget about. We use it here at Media Bullseye to tag items for our “Best of the Rest” section, and I don’t use it for much else. But I am frequently reminded that it is one of the most useful tools out there for the social media professional, and Dave Fleet’s post with six ways to optimize its use is no exception. “Some people are blogging machines who manage to churn out posts in advance of when they need them so they always have a bunch lined up. Me? Not so much, and as much as I think most people would love to be sitting on a store of posts, I’d be surprised if they are. You can make your life easier by bookmarking things you might want to write about. Just tag it with “toBlog” or something similar, then when you’re stuck for something to write about, flip to your list of
“toBlog” articles.”

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