December 16, 2018

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Bad Pitches, Good Advice (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Bad Pitches, Good Advice (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Bad Pitches, Good Advice
The Bad Pitch Blog
While generally focusing on the worst of pitches from PR pros to bloggers, the Bad Pitch Blog occasionally takes the time to educate and offer advice for fledgling social media enthusiasts. In the latest offering, Kevin Dugan gives out the best reasons for engaging in new media that may even convince those wary of getting involved. “None of these examples are about gaming the system, they’re about improving your game. Social media is ultimately about conversations. Technology helps us make connections more easily than before. So keep your head out of, er, in the game. Don’t try and swallow the Internet whole in one afternoon. Just roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. These are some pretty interesting changes in our craft.”

Blogging Secrets
Chris Brogan
Jealous of bloggers that seem to spit out entry after entry without stopping to take a breath while you are staring a white piece of paper, uninspired? Chris Brogan gives you the secrets behind his prolific blogging, including his writing process. It’s an interesting peek behind the scenes with some great advice on how to craft the most effective posts. “This isn’t a gimmick, but it works really well. I ask the community (you!) what YOU think, because often times, you’ll add something way better than what I started with. It’s also a great reason to swing by and check out the actual page, instead of just sticking in the reader IF the topic is worth it to you.”

Wikis in Plain English
Social Media Group
I am a big fan of Common Craft’s series of YouTube hits explaining social media tools “In Plain English.” They break down even the most complex things (well complex to newbies, anyway!) in terms that anyone can understand. Maggie Fox gives high praise to the latest offering, which spells out just how to use a wiki. “The folks at Commoncraft have an amazing way of explaining things in the most simple terms. If you’ve heard a lot about wikis, but never used one, or are having a hard time wrapping your head around why they are apparently so useful for collaboration, check out this

Good vs. Evil?
Buzz Machine

I found this post particularly interesting, especially since it came on a day when Wal-Mart received some honest-to-god blog love from one of the toughest blogs to get that from, Consumerist. Jeff Jarvis focuses on a less flattering story about the retail giant, however, and wonders if there are some things that even the best PR teams won’t be able to spin. He also wonders if Wal-Mart could benefit from being more like Google.  “People make fun of Google’s righteous vow not to be evil. It’s practically a self-parody. And it’s a shame that any institution should think that it needs to make such a promise; shouldn’t it be presumed? But imagine if Google took over Wal-Mart and made that one change,
posting a sign in every store and every office: Don’t be evil. Imagine if that became the basis of firings and hirings: out with the bad air, in with the good air. Could the culture of this company possibly be reformed?”

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