September 29, 2022

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Happy 100th Episode (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Happy 100th Episode (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Perhaps because of the deadly cocktail of school vacation week and New Comm Forum taking place this week out in California, to say nothing of PodCamp NYC taking place as we speak in Brooklyn, this is a rather light week on the podcast front. But the Jots will go on! For starters, we’d like to congratulate Mitch Joel for his 100th episode of “Six Pixels of Separation.”

Six Pixels of Separation – The 100th Episode

While Mitch downplays his 100th episode, he does have some tricks up his sleeve. He features some audio comments with well wishes from friends and supporters, and a mini-roast from Bryan Eisenberg and Avinash Kaushik. Mitch says he started the podcast because he actually believed it would be easier to speak than to write a blog post each week. He knows now that it is far more involved, but is grateful he set out in podcasting regardless. He views the show as a portal of access to social media and success stories.

He says one of his big lessons is that people are more willing to share their lives than you might think. Becuase of his background in music journalism, he notes that the famous are compelled to speak to the press as a part of their job, but the average professional is not. I think his surprise is endearing, because it is human nature to want to talk about ourselves, yes?

Congratulations, Mitch!

Around the PR Podcast Horn (as always, in random order):

Inside PRMost in PR have probably experienced troublesome relationships with clients, and been faced with the decision to end that relationship. It is extremely difficult to say no to business for some, but this week’s Inside PR has some insight into when to do so.

The Engaging Brand
A good conversation is harder to come by than you might think, but lucky for us, Anna Farmery interviews business psychologist Alison Hardingham on how to develop good conversational techniques and apply them to social media.

Media Driving
In a new addition to the Pod Jots, Jay Moonah hosts a program discussing who exactly “owns” social media within a business. Communications, media relations, marketing…which department has the right to stake its claim? Jay wonders if the idea of “social media” is even defined well-enough to assign it to anyone. 

PRobecastThe team from Topaz covers everything from the Pope to Harry Potter this week (a rather odd pairing, don’t you think), and stops to consider online privacy and data protection. My feelings remain the same–nothing online can ever be truly private, and we’d do well to remember this. 

Marketing Over CoffeeList-buying remains an important element of marketing, Internet marketing particular. John and Chris offer up advice for list-buying this week, noting that purchased lists are certainly not as valuable for business as ones you build internally. 

For Immediate ReleaseBefore setting off for New Comm Forum and leaving the podcast in the able hands of Dan York and Sallie Goestch, Shel and Neville discussed an interesting case study on a social media campaign for Sea World from Kami Huyse. On Thursday, Dan and Sallie include a report from Shel in California, and their thoughts on the latest Common Craft video: Podcasting in Plain English.  

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