January 19, 2019

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Making Your Videos “Spreadable”

Making Your Videos “Spreadable”

Why would a 15-minute video get more views than a 90-minute one? It depends on the content, ease of access, and the ability to share. My 15-minute mobile video broadcasting presentation was included in a 90-minute video. I extracted that 15-minute excerpt and shared it. The resulting video became something that people wanted to watch, share and write about.
Bill Densmore, Executive Director of [The New England News Forum](http://newenglandnews.com) sent me an email soon after I had presented at the [New England Press Association](http://nepa.org) annual convention on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2008, in Boston. In the email was a link to a 90-minute training and informational (http://www.archive.org/details/NEPABOSTON2008): “Rebooting Your Newsroom: Adding blogs, podcasts, citizens and the web.”
The video includes my 15-minute presentation and six others. Bill hosted it on the internet archive. The internet archive provides a great service, allowing you to post and share videos for free. Back in the early days of video bogging, that’s all we had. Above is an image that links to the page on the internet archive. That 90-minute video has been downloaded 87 times as I write this.
If someone was interested in my 15 minute portion of the video, they’dhave to access hte whole 90-minute session to get to my part. That makes access harder. I emailed Bill and asked him if I could excerpt my 15 minutes and post it to (http://blip.tv). He agreed. I had to ask because he had a [Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States](http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us/) license on it. If he didn’t have the No Derivative Works stipulation, I wouldn’t have had to ask first.
Here’s the excerpted video:

[Posted](http://blip.tv/file/754204) to blip.tv.
Why blip.tv?
Blip.tv is people. Lots of video hosting sites are out there. I host my videos on blip.tv because of the people who work there. In addition to the features and funtions of hte site, the suport staff is very responsive to any support requests that I have. I like to be able to use a site that I can recommend without hesitation.
The blip.tv version of the video has been viewed **413 times** so far.
That’s a lot more views.
It’s easy to share a video hosted on blip.tv. Viewers can easily link to a video, email it or embed it on their own site… Lots of people embedded this video.
Here are a few places it was embedded:
**[Rebooting your Newsroom with Live Mobile Video Broadcasting](http://qik.com/blog/106/rebooting-your-newsroom-with-live-mobile-video-broadcasting)**
**[Rebooting your Newsroom](http://theuptake.com/?p=577)**
Reiter’s Mobile TV Report
**[Steve Garfield provides suggestions about, reasons for live streaming cellular videos](http://www.mobiletelevisionreport.com/2008/03/steve-garfield.html)**
In this example I showed how making the video shorter, lead to a lot more views. I made the content easier to access and share.
As a counterpoint, I’ve also embedded 30-minute network TV shows on my blog using [hulu.com](http://hulu.com). That example actually still follows the idea of making the content easier to access and share. For a network show the whole 30 minutes is the content that the viewer is looking for and the ease of access is provided by the embedded player, along with the ability to share via embed codes, direct links and emails.
What do you think makes a video spreadable?
*A former radio personality, [Steve Garfield](http://stevegarfield.com) has been video blogging since 2004. Garfield is currently the Boston correspondent for Rocketboom.com, and blogs about pop culture and technology at [Off On A Tangent](http://offonatangent.blogspot.com).*

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