January 23, 2019

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My Data is My Data (and Other PR Blog Jots)

My Data is My Data (and Other PR Blog Jots)

My Data is My Data
Marketing Conversation
Following the recent lawsuit filed against Blockbuster Video in the aftermath of the Facebook Beacon debacle late last year, online privacy is a hot button issue. Jonathan Trenn promotes a service at MyDataIsMyData.org that allows users to download a plug-in that helps them determine how much information they’d like to disclose online. “This free plug-in (found at MyDataIsMyData.org)is a toolbar that will allow users several different options to monitor and delete cookies, offline content, and track visits to Facebook Beacon collaborator companies. Once downloaded, the toolbar allows users to decide how often he or she would like certain cookies deleted. The user can choose to delete Facebook cookies and Facebook Beacon collaborator companies’ cookies. It also includes the option to delete all cookies at once or none at all.”

Speaking of Privacy…
Dave Fleet
In another relevant post about monitoring our own online activity and taking caution in what we reveal about ourselves online, Dave Fleet reminds us all to think before we bookmark. Sites like de.licio.us allow other users to “follow” your bookmarks, and if you happen to tag anything untoward, it might affect your personal brand in ways you didn’t consider. ”

How about the person that got very interested in a particular company all of a sudden? Did it signal an upcoming career change? Personally I wouldn’t want my boss seeing that. Perhaps they’re for an upcoming pitch for new
business? Nice way to inform competitors that the company may be looking.”

Authenticity is King
Conversation Agent
It’s easy to forget that customer service representatives work in PR too, in a way. After all, they are the face of your company, the front lines dealing directly with customers. So why, Valeria Maltoni wonders, do so many of them seem to offer up the same generic scripts for their customer service reps? She offers some practical advice on how to sound more organic and authentic when dealing with consumers. “Am I saying you should improvise? Well, let’s see what that means. Be voracious about what your company stands for. Learn all you can about its history, culture, practices, go-to-market strategies. Most importantly, learn about what happy customers like, learn about complaints and issues, too. Then forget it all to be in the flow with your customer.”

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