January 19, 2019

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No Such Thing…(and Other PR Blog Jots)

No Such Thing…(and Other PR Blog Jots)

…As Bad Publicity?
The Flack
Everyone wants to launch the next big thing in viral video, and Nike seems to have achieved that goal with its slightly infamous Kobe Bryant video (which shows the NBA star appearing to leap over a speeding sports car). Peter Himler examines the spot, noting that the controversy over its authenticity (it’s fake) is generating lots of views and conversation. In my opinion, the controversy lies more in what might happen is any foolish copycats run out int eh streets trying to recreate the gag. “The stewards for one of the world’s best-known and most-esteemed brands, though no longer among the top ten, appear to have found the right mix. Not only has Nike produced a cool video, but it has the added element of deception, which creates controversy, which translates into publicity and even more video views.”

Twitter Disruption Causes Panic
Disruptive Dialogue
I’m probably nearly alone in that I didn’t notice the major disruptions to business as usual on Twitter until yesterday, as I was blissfully offline all weekend, blinking my geek eyes in the sunlight. Dan York sums up the failures of the past few days and muses wryly about the status of geek productivity without a properly functioning Twitter to distract us. “Several writers have pointed out that we might actually be more productive today without Twitter around to potentially distract us. On one level that might be true… but on the other level Twitter users might be distracted in checking to see if the service is back up!”

Face Behind the Blog
The factors going into a successful blog can occasionally be somewhat intangible, but Mike Sansone boils them down thusly: authenticity and consistency. Be up front about who you are and what you stand for, and consistent not only in your updates to increase your trustability. “In consistency, I will have more trust in a site that has more than 20 posts per month on average. Even moreso if the posts stay on topic (for the most part). Why?  Anyone can put on their Sunday best for an hour per week. I’m not saying that if you don’t do this you become untrustworthy. What I am saying, is that you’ll earn trust and therefore become engaged more quickly by doing so.”

Social Earth Day
Conversation Agent
As the world celebrates Earth Day, Valeria Maltoni highlights the social nature of this day, working together globally for a common good. To celebrate the holiday, she highlights some particularly green-friendly sites and networks, including Ning. ” Well, more than one so far. I was reading about Ning’s Infinite Ambition on Fast Company and suddenly realized that the Earth Day Network is built on Ning. It isn’t just a site where users can build their own social networks — Ning is a model of how to create a perpetual growth machine, says the article. If I recall correctly, the daughter of my good friend Roger von Oech, Athena, works at Ning.”

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