December 9, 2018

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Parental Guidance Suggested (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Parental Guidance Suggested (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Parental Guidance Suggested
Mike’s Points
While the analogy may offend some slightly, I like the idea of comparing PR to parenting. The paralells are there, and PR pros are often forced to do a little hand-holding at times with clients. Mike Driehorst lists the top lessons he’s applied to public relations, culled from his life as a parent. “You need to know and be involved in your children’s lives. Yes, that may be an obvious one, but it’s easy to be more of the care-giver — looking after their basic needs — than being a parent and playing with your children. My wife and I have a nearly nine-month-old daughter. While I love her as much as the others, I look forward to the time when she is less dependant on me (when we can communicate better, when she can easily sit up on her own, etc.). While the baby stage is great, it also is great when we can interact more. And, when I need to be less of a care-giver of my daughter and I can spend fun, quality and more quantity time with all my children.”

Desegregate Social Media?
Shel Holtz
Why does social media seem to cause so much strife among some in the PR space? Debates abound regarding how it should be implemented, whether it is effective, how to appropriately measure its results, etc. The debate delights me because it usually gives me plenty of fodder for these roundups–and Shel Holtz’s latest is no exception. He makes the case for social media as more than just a tool, arguing that it shouldn’t be considered separate from broader communications strategy. “But what bugs me most is the idea that a tool has no power. Taken individually, each social media tool probably should be viewed as “just a tool.” Collectively, though–and in the context of the conditions that
led to their adoption–social media are turning communication models on their heads. Companies ignore the fundamental changes to communication at their peril. Conversation has become more important than message
delivery, for example.”

Shhh, More Listeners!
Jaffe Juice
After Starbucks made a splash recently with their new social media endeavor, it was only a matter of time before another major company joined the fray. Joe Jaffe praises the efforts of Intel, which has launched ITopia, a social media platform linking Intel engineers with customers for assistance. “Following the lead set by Dell and most recently Starbucks, what we’re seeing now (as I wrote about in the book) is a strong backbone of customer service being interwoven into ongoing marketing and branding initiatives. It’s a pretty sublime partnership of proactive and reactive backwards and forwards which aims to maintain a continuous and fluid dialog between brand and consumer.”

The Rolodex Myth
Tech PR Gems

In particular with the era of social media being integrated into public relations strategies, it is stressed that PR is built on relationships. But will the relationships get you the placement you want for your client when the chips are down? Doug Haslam argues that a big rolodex of reporters with whom you have good relationships doesn’t necessarily equal PR success. He urges flacks to use their relationships and continue to cultivate them, but don’t rely on them in the absence of other more important elements. “Bad pitches will crumble your relationship quickly: If
you think I am going to give an example here, keep thinking. However, even now at a time when I feel I have some of those “Rolodex” relationships, the majority of my time is spent pitching reporters, editors and bloggers that I barely know or don’t know at all. I use a relevant story, well told, crafted in a way to get attention. It’s all about the Good Pitch (horn-toot alert). This is also why we have a Bad Pitch Blog along with constant tales of reporters grumbling about clueless PR people. This has nothing to do with who you know.”

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