October 5, 2022

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Return of the Pod Jots (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Return of the Pod Jots (and Other PR Pod Jots)

After a vacation-induced bye-week last week, the Pod Jots are back in action this week! Each week, CustomScoop highlights some of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. There was definitely no real recurring theme on podcasts this week, they touched on everything from corporate PR strategy to more general social media discussions, but there was as always some great content for your listening pleasure.
We begin by highlighting our Boston friends at Topaz Partners, who discuss the PR Week report on the State of media and public relations.


Doug Haslam, Tim Alik and Adam Zand always cover a wide variety of topics on the PRobecast (this week they even mention the now-infamous hawk attack on a 13 year old female “A-Rod” at Fenway Park this week). One topic that caught my attention was the first ever “State of Media and PR” report from PR Week.

Tim points out that some journalists are strained by the obliteration of the news cycle, arguing that they are now forced to write blogs and ever more up-to-the-minute content. He points out that this might be a golden opportunity for those in PR, as there is now room to pitch more stories and fill that space.  Adam counters that it might work against PR pros, as journos are swamped and won’t have the time to deal with flacks.

I think the journalists complaints are real, and was reminded of my interview with Steve Roberts. He pointed out that newspapers almost now need two teams of reporters covering stories. One set to get the information out as fast as possible and keep up with the Joneses, and another to write the think-pieces with more in-depth analysis. But with reporters getting laid off left and right, is this even possible?

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in No Particular Order):

Diary of a Shameless Self Promoter
Since I enjoy anything attempting to get “beginners” or “newbies” into the mix, I love a good “101” post. Heidi Miller breaks down “Social Media 101,” and gets many of the basics covered in just 20 minutes. A great place to start for anyone looking to get their feet wet.

On the Record
Erich Schwarzman interviews Cisco’s communications chief Maureen Kasper about the challenges of corporate communications in the new media era. She discusses efforts to incorporate social media into their PR strategies in a corporate environment, employee blogging, and internal vs. external relations.

The Engaging Brand
Anna Farmery interviews David Vinjamuri, author of “The Accidental Brand.” I think all success stories involve “happy accidents” to some extent, so it is intersting to hear David discuss some of the more famous examples, from Craig Newmark to J Peterman.

For Immediate Release
On the “big show” this week, Shel and Neville tackled some of the big PR stories, from the Olympics in Beijing to the upcoming New Comm Forum in California. They feature some great interviews (including Eric Schwartzmann’s with Cisco’s Maureen Kasper) and highlight many upcoming events, as well as touching on workplace issues and an interesting case study. 

ShillDave and Doug tackle the question of new media vs. old. Is social media changing anything, or does the old guard remain strong? Dave argues that social media has certainly changed the playing field, and that information overload is beginning to take its toll. The biggest impact? The need for aggregation.

Marketing Over Coffee – 
One of my favorite topics gets coverage in this week episode, as John and Chris discuss, among other things, Facebook for businesses. In response to a listener question on how best to use the popular social network to promote his small business, they discuss the strategies for online growth and how to attain “true fans.” 

Six Pixels of Separation –  Just two episodes of shy of 100, Mitch Joel covers a lot of ground this week. Most notably, a conversation with Colin Douma of Social Media Group regarding how digital marketers can best make their way in the social media world. Of interest, they discuss the best strategy for identifying “influential bloggers”.  

Inside PRIn the last pod jots there was a show from the beach and I was jealous. This week, Terry and Dave are at a pub, and I find myself jealous again! Their panel this week discusses PR and social media, namely who “owns” the space. It’s an ongoing debate, with arguments for PR, marketing, advertising, etc, with one panelist pointing out that advertising conducts business online, while PR only talks about it. What do you think?

Managing the GrayIn a conversational podcast this week, CC Chapman welcomes Kristin and Erin from Manic Mommies to the show. They discuss the General Motors sponsorship of their “Mommy Escape” event, as well as their growing popularity and experiences at BlogHer Biz ’08.  

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