October 5, 2022

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Show Me the Show Notes (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Show Me the Show Notes (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to CustomScoop’s weekly PR Pod Jots, our rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. It’s a bit light this week, perhaps some of our favorite podcasters are taking advantage of this (for once) nice spring weather?

Regardless, we still have a terrific slate of new podcasts ready for enjoyment. Let’s jump right in.

Trafcom News Podcast

I read a lot of show notes. As your recapper of all things PR podcast, I have my ear to a lot of shows, and some good detailed show notes with information about what is being discussed each week can prove vital to getting these summaries completed each week.

Which is why I love Donna Papacosta’s topic du jour, the secrets to good show notes! She gathers advice from some of the best podcasters out there for what goes into great show notes, with Nicole Simon, Chris Penn, Dave Jones, Wayne MacPhail and Aaron Strout all weighing in. One of the biggest reasons cited for writing good notes? Google.

Search engines can’t search audio (yet), at least not the ones available to the average Joe, so how can you increase your SEO on your latest terrific podcast episode? Simple, write up a detailed summary with all the major keywords of what you discussed, and Google will be sure to find you.


  • Outlines, transcripts, timecodes, oh my!
  • Non-native language listeners
  • Interviewee names are key

Around the PR Podcast Horn (as always, in no particular order):

Six Pixels of Separation – Mitch Joel celebrates his “Wayne Gretzky” 99th episode with an extensive discussion with statistical marketing guru Brett Hurt. Hurt offers a series of very specific bits of strategy and information that may prove to be both surprising and useful to those involved in online marketing. If you have a chance, listen to the latter half of the podcast to learn about some free online marketing tools. Joel wraps up the SPOS with a few interesting tips
and metrics of his own about e-commerce. Any fans of Mitch will want to make sure to listen to next week’s 100th episode.

PRobecast – Doug, Adam and Todd are on the mic this week with a great discussion on numerous topics, including the disgruntled American Airlines pilots taking their fight to the web. They also cover the addition of video to Flickr (I am bored by this development, there’s a billion places to share video, isn’t there?), and the latest PR trend: the two-word pitch. Also this week on the PRobecast is a great rundown of the latest tech events: CTIA Wireless, MIT Communications Forum, and the BusinessWire breakfast on investor relations

The Engaging Brand – Anna Farmery is as prolific as our friends at For Immediate Release–she produced two podcasts this week. In episode #158 she interviews Eric Pennington, who offers listeners seven effective tips for getting out the corporate rut. If you feel you are spinning your wheels in your current position and would like to find your true calling, check it out. In episode #159, she  speaks to Tsufit about how best to “get noticed.” Whether it’s publicity for a client or your personal brand, this podcast gives the secrets for networking more effectively and standing out from the crowd.

For Immediate Release – On Monday, Shel and Neville cover PROpenMic.org for PR students and professionals, which was launched by Robert French.  Jay Berkowitz also offers details on how he helped his local Chamber of Commerce implement a podcast.  Later in the week, the duo reminds listeners that they’ll be on Blog Talk Radio tomorrow Saturday, April 19 to discuss how to best integrate into social media.  Also, keep an eye out for Shel’s FIR book review of Katie Paine’s Measuring Public Relationships this weekend.

Marketing Over Coffee
– John and Chris offer another great podcast this week.  The pair goes through the mailbag to answer listeners questions about a variety of topics, including the best auto response for email as well as tips for website hosting.  Also, Chris will be attending Podcamp DC this weekend and NYC next weekend – for more information, check out PodCamp.org.

Inside PR – Inside PR #107 covers a variety of topics this week.  The group discusses the role social media plays in PR and the need for professions to understand social media before attempting to acclimate their clients to it.

Managing the Gray – Details for Podcamp Boston 3 were announced this week, and I could not be more excited. With a discussion also focusing on the upcoming Podcamp New York, CC Chapman gives a sneak preview of what to expect from Podcamp Boston, the new registration fee and why it’s necessary, including some details about how you can win a Podcamp scholarship.

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