October 4, 2022

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Which Social Bookmarking Site Works for You? (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Which Social Bookmarking Site Works for You? (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Social Blog Promotion
My boss recently wondered on Twitter whether people preferred Digg or StumbleUpon, and which traffic they found more valuable. I personally don’t value one above the other, but what about all the other similar sites out there? Which one is best for you? Steven Snell has a great breakdown of how to pick bookmark sites that will attract the audience you are hoping most to reach. “Some sites, like Digg, can take over 100 votes (and more in recent months) to make it to the front page, whereas smaller social media sites may only require a few votes. Obviously, the larger sites also tend to have more users, so in some ways it can be easier to get votes. Still, this is something that you should consider.”

Balancing Act
PR Squared
As the lines between our work and private lives continue to blur on social media, just how do some of the more prolific enthusiasts of this space keep up with their work and client responsibilities? Todd Defren offers some tips on keeping the work/life/Tweet balance in proper working order, emphasizing respect for your responsibilities above all. “If your manager is waiting on a document from you before they can head home, or your client is anxious about the state of a pending editorial opportunity, they won’t be too pleased to see a spurt of carefree tweets flying through the twittersphere.  It shows a lack of awareness for a colleague’s priorities, thus, a lack of respect.”

Social Media Glass Ceiling, or More Male Geeks?
Dave Fleet
This topic has been discussed before, but is worth revisiting–does the social media world have a glass ceiling? Why aren’t there more prominent female bloggers? I find that there aren’t enough prominent female anything, from bloggers to politicians to writers to airline pilots, and this is not a phenomenon specific to social media. Dave Fleet considers the question, and points out that the “tech geek” aspects of social media might skew the percentages towards men. I agree, but still feel there might be more to it than that. “Social media is very technology-based and geeky. Men seem more likely to gravitate towards this kind of thing than women. That doesn’t mean there aren’t many many wonderful, intelligent women here. However, it may explain why there seem to be more men in this space. Assuming that’s true, the law of averages says that they (the majority) will get more of the attention overall than the women (the minority).”

Fun New Twitter Tool
Clipping the Social Web
Now this is interesting. Julia Roy reviews the latest new Twitter took, Tweetstats. The tool gives you easy to read analytics about your own Tweeting activity from the very day you joined Twitter onward. I can’t really think of any practical application of this information, other than “it’s cool.” And we always like to highlight cool things. “It aggregates the number of Tweets from when you signed up to present day, and gives you stats on how many tweets you’ve posted each month, how many tweets each day, at what time of day you tweet the most,  the people that have @’ed you the most and the most common interfaces you use to tweet.  Phew, that’s a lot of info!”

Social Stupidity?
I’ve heard plenty of arguments against social media engagement since I began evangelizing same, but this is a new one. Kristin Maverick reports on some recent discussions surrounding whether social media is “making us dumb,” or at least inhibiting our problem solving skills. She rightfully points out that while it’s likely not actually making us dumb, it’s never a bad thing to hear some negative points. “While I don’t think that social media is making us dumb, it is nice to
hear some of the negatives of social media, as we’re so used to hearing the positive. (ie all of the great things
Twitter can do for you or the great ways you can stay connected with friends on social networks.) By learning to look at social media as a whole, we can learn to pick out what works best, and what will last.”

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