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Comcast Strikes (Twitter) Again — And Other PR Pod Jots

Comcast Strikes (Twitter) Again — And Other PR Pod Jots

Welcome to CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, our weekly roundup of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. After a vacation last Friday, we are back and ready to go with a fresh batch of all your latest podcasts. First up this week is CC Chapman’s Managing the Gray, as CC becomes the latest blogger to fall under the spell of Comcast’s latest customer service development–responding to complaints via Twitter.

Managing the Gray – Managing Comcast Customer Service

Comcast has been getting plenty of positive feedback (including from yours truly) for its decision to engage fully on social networking site Twitter. Using (probably) Tweetscan or a similar service to check for Tweets mentioning its name, and then responding when appropriate (ie, service complaints) they are generating plenty of good will among bloggers–and we all know by now just how influential bloggers can be.

CC Chapman experienced a dose of this Twitter magic himself, and devotes his latest episode to the subject. After Tweeting a complaint about his HDTV, he received a response within minutes and a visit from a cable guy the next day. As he said, I must agree, “THAT’s customer service.”

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in random order):

Inside PRDavid Jones, Julie Rusciolelli and Martin Waxman get together for Inside PR this week to discuss the relationship between public relations firms and the C-Suite. A good relationship with the top execs at a company can ensure better, according to the panel, reputation management, ethics, and organization.

Media Driving
: Jay Moonah is just as thrilled as CC Chapman with the response he received from Comcast via Twitter, but he puts an interesting spin on it. Does the fact that companies are engaging this way on new media mean that those who aren’t engaged are losing out on the service they also richly deserve?

Marketing Over Coffee:
props go out to John and Chris this week for (more or less) touting Custom
Scoop in their discussion about how to monitor your company’s brand on the
web.  Those of you who are interested in media and blog monitoring can
listen for a list of other services and tools that can be used for this vital
work.  The two also stress the importance of engaging readers as part of
an effort to develop your online community and generate links and “juice” that
will boost your presence.

The Engaging Brand:
IT departments get a bad rap, and Anna Farmery
wants to take a look at why, and how IT departments can be better utilized
within companies.  Anne’s guest this week, Ade McCormack, argues that
because IT permeates all aspects of the company, it should be intimately
involved in strategic decision making.  After all, how can executives make
well-informed strategic decisions without having a firm grasp on the technology
behind it? If you have concerns with your own IT department, this podcast may
help by explaining ongoing changes in the IT world and the effects they have.

Ten Golden Rules:
Berkowitz returns after a brief hiatus with a show focusing on personal
branding, marketing to influencers, and a new book by Rohit Bhargava called
“Personality Not Included : Why Companies Lose Their Authenticity And How Great
Brands Get it Back Personality Not Included.” Jay also discusses Google
analytics data. He notes that use of the tool will not impact your sites
standing in Google search ranks, but will eventually allow users to benchmark
their data against industry standards.

Six Pixels of Separation:
Are you a fan of Dell and their extensive involvement in social media in the wake of 2005’s “Dell Hell”? Then this Six Pixels episode is for you. Mitch Joel interviews Richard Birnhammer, better known as Richard@Dell, about the company’s decision to become so involved in social media, and whether they have gotten any ROI.

Trafcom News:
Perhaps I’m a bit biased because I am always interested in what all the podcasts in my weekly roundups have to offer (it’s like asking to pick a favorite child!), but Donna Papacosta’s are so frequently useful to those just starting out in podcasting. This week is no exception, as she interviews radio and podcasting guru Victoria Fenner to discuss the best formats for your podcasts. What suits you best, commentary, interview, or “script and clip”? Listen and find out.

On the Record:
Eric Schwartzman’s podcast, on the other hand, is always excellent in an entirely different way: guest caliber. His guests are always top notch in their communications and media relations knowledge. This week he interviews Coca-Cola communications director Ray Crockett to discuss how Coca-Cola is adjusting to new media as a large corporation (Mentos, anyone?).

Jaffe Juice: While he apparently is trying to make the rest of us jealous by podcasting from Sao Paulo in Brazil, I’d still like to offer warm congratulations to Joe Jaffe for officially becoming an American citizen recently. Jaffe plays some well-wishes from commenters, as well as offerings and conversation starters from Jay Moonah and Eric Eggertson.

Dave Jones and Doug Walker are back, and I couldn’t be happier (mainly because their Canadian accents crack me up). Among many topics (including whether social media is even a business strategy), they bring up something I’ve discussed with them before–why Apple does not seem to give a fig about social media. Dave points out, rightly, that it doesn’t seem to hurt them at all. Is social media engagement only useful for companies who “need” it?

For Immediate Release:
On Monday’s show, Shel and Neville announce FIR’s new room on FriendFeed (a new feature of the service that interests me enough to think about joining) as well as some of the other brands starting up rooms, and feature a segment from a correspondent in Singapore for the Verge Conference. On Thursday, they report that beleaguered Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is back at his blog after weathering a scandal, and the importance of brand advocacy (Twitter, ahem). They also announce their upcoming panel regarding PR spam, which no one should miss on June 14, considering the recent battles between flacks and bloggers.

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