September 30, 2022

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CustomScoop Introduces Spring 2008 Release of ClipIQ Media Monitoring

CustomScoop Introduces Spring 2008 Release of ClipIQ Media Monitoring

Focus on allowing customers to customize their monitoring, analysis and delivery

a leader in customizable media monitoring and analysis services, is
pleased to announce the official release of CustomScoop ClipIQ Spring
2008. This is the latest release of the software as a service offering
from CustomScoop, designed to help clients monitor and analyze both
traditional media and social media over the Internet.

This new version of ClipIQ
Media Monitoring now allows customers to customize their “clip book”
email by adding their own logo. The Spring Edition allows clients to
not only add their own logo, but also the ability to create their own
HTML templates to distribute the clips, for a customized look and feel.

The Spring Edition also
allows the customers to customize the content download of clips into a
spreadsheet. They can select which fields they want to download into
the spreadsheet, so they only download the information they use in
their analysis.

Lastly, there is a new
viewing option of clips within ClipIQ whereby the customer can see all
their clips in a “list view.” This allows for a higher concentration of
clips in the viewing window while still giving access to the tools to
rate clips, email clips, delete clips and more.

“These are great new
features that we’ve provided to our customers,” says Steve Bracy,
Executive Vice President of CustomScoop. “Whenever a client asks us for
a new feature, we add it to our wish list and then let our creative
development team come up with the best solution to meet their needs.
It’s all about listening to the customer.”

CustomScoop offers a free
trial for its services so that clients can see for themselves all the
great new features that are now available in the Spring 2008 release of
ClipIQ. Simply visit the website to give the product a test drive.

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