January 19, 2019

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FriendFeed for Dummies (and other PR Blog Jots)

FriendFeed for Dummies (and other PR Blog Jots)

FriendFeed for Dummies
Bryan Person
Twitter’s technology is continuing to stumble, but one of the hotter names in social media these days continues to be Friend Feed, the social aggregator that pipes in information from your feeds, social media profiles, and yes, Twitter, all in one place. Bryan Person gives a great initial review after digging into FriendFeed for the first time this weekend. “My first impression of FriendFeed was that it was little more than another place
to see my Twitter pals’ posts — and well, that just isn’t very useful.
So how do I avoid wasting time with too much duplicate content? Mainly,
I limit the number of friends on I follow on FriendFeed. To reuse a
phrase I heard last week, I’m viewing FriendFeed as a “best of”
collection of my friends’ online content.”

The Trouble with Twitter
The Buzz Bin
Oh, Twitter. Honestly, you’re like a bad-news boyfriend we can’t stay away from, no matter how often you let us down (which is frequently). Geoff Livingston bemoans the current state of affairs on Twitter, which has been experiencing some major outages in recent days. (Again.) “If things continue on the current trajectory, Twitter’s hotness may be very temporary. FriendFeed is continuing to gain traction, and of course another social network can rise to fulfill the needed micro echo chamber of conversation. The competitors must be gearing up.

Obama, Money, and the Long Tail
PR Blogger
Why has Hillary Clinton, who enjoys arguable one of the most famous surnames in the history of American politics, had a harder time raising money online than Obama? Stephen Davies examines the issue, applying a little Long Tail logic to the equation. “Perhaps surprisingly, the amount of money raised by Obama ($38m) was
considerably more than that of Clinton ($6m) who, given who her husband
is and was, has the biggest name in the Party. The reason behind this
is because Obama has taken to a new democratic way of fundraising which
follows the notion of The Long Tail theory.”

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