January 19, 2019

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I Gotta Be Me (and Other PR Blog Jots)

I Gotta Be Me (and Other PR Blog Jots)

I Gotta Be Me
The Buzz Bin
Finding success in social media often involves a confusing or intangible array of attributes, as well as (sometimes) plenty of luck–but Larissa Fair reminds us of one of the most important ways to get what you need from this space: be yourself. “Overall it’s about being yourself. Blogs, Twitter, and every other Web 2.0 technology only work with the strength of the people in the community behind it.  If users are being fake and not authentic, then these great ways of connecting with others and establishing relationships will become stale.”

Work-Life Balance
Communication Overtones
Lauren Vargas discusses a prominent issue that arises in social media–balancing our professional and personal lives online. She uses an intriguing anecdote from a chain email regarding the need to strike the right balance in our lives, lest we start placing too much emphasis in the wrong places. It continues to be a delicate balance. “There is definitely a give-and-take required in an always-connected environment. When I get home from work, I spend quality time and dinner with my daughter. After she goes to sleep, I crank out a post or two and catch up on Reader, Twitter, email and various networks. It can be difficult to disconnect. My network is on several different time ones and the temptation to stay online for just a little longer is always there.”

Magic Twitter Kingdom?
Social Media Marketing
I’ve been seeing so many great stories regarding corporate engagement on Twitter, I almost thought this was another one! Despite being a citizen journalism case, it’s still an excellent example of how social media can benefit a company. Scott Monty reports on Twisney, a Twitter user who aggregates posts for Disney fans of events happening within the parks. “The more I read about add-ons, apps, and creative uses of Twitter, the more I’m inspired. When a simple and elegant service comes along and changes the way people interact with each other – and opens its API (Application
Programming Interface – the source code), what happens is you get seemingly limitless possibilities because of the passion, know-how, and creativity of its user base.”

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