September 30, 2022

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PR for PR (and Other PR Blog Jots)

PR for PR (and Other PR Blog Jots)

PR for PR
The Flack
When it comes down to it, there have to be professions that are more maligned than public relations, but it does seem to be a field where its employees are constantly on the defensive, forced to explain how they are contributing to the world. Peter Himler details how public relations may have an impact on world events, noting that it is playing a factor in the situation in the Gaza strip. Might spreading stories like this convince people that PR is not “eeevil”? “But what about the lowly PR practitioner? What do we offer that elevates mankind? Without
getting too philosophical here, I suppose our value lies in the work we
do to more effectively inform various publics on issues that can affect
their lives.”

Chris Brogan’s Guide to Schedule Management: Don’t Sleep!
Chris Brogan
There are a few bloggers that contribute a staggering number of in-depth posts, and I am always amazed by how they find the time. After receiving the question enough times, Chris Brogan gives a few tips, including “don’t sleep late.” Well that does it for me then, I value my sleep! And no TV time? Well, just forget it! Another tip? Learn the fine art multi-tasking. This one I can get behind, because I do my best thinking in the shower. “All day long, my head is formulating information. I’m thinking about
things I’ve read and researched, things that I’ve learned through my
own trial and error, and things gathered through conversations and
other learning avenues. But my processing of that data goes
on when I’m at the grocery store, or the gas station, or on my long
commute. This gives me the opportunity to choose how I use the
information I gather.”

Majoring in Personal Brand Management
Personal Branding Blog
I’ve been on a personal branding kick lately, and enjoying some of the guest posts on the subject over on the Personal Branding Blog. In today’s offering, new college grad Rebecca Corliss discusses how to manage your online life when you’re in college. That is, you don’t want to come off like a square with no personality, but you don’t want to share so much that you become unemployable either. Where’s the line? My favorite advice she offers is to not freak out about your dreaded “drinking photos.” As long as you are of age, and as long as you have pictures of other activities you enjoy, I agree that the occasional bar picture is not going to hurt your brand. “Don’t freak out when they do see your bar photos. As
long as you’re 21 (and not doing keg stands), it’s okay. Being social
and out with friends is normal in college. Just make sure beer-in-hand
photos aren’t the only ones you have. Part of your personal brand can
be a fun, social college student. If that’s who you are, then why not?”

Dell Heaven?
Diva Marketing Blog
As her contribution to the latest version of the Age of Conversation, Toby Bloomberg asked for feedback about social media from both Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and Richard Binhammer of Dell. Dell’s feedback as a company that serves as a popular case study for how social media can change corporate communications is especially excellent. “The system is still evolving, and it’s not perfect.  Its tough to
get a perfect search every day and so we miss some.  In addition, we
don’t respond to everything being said about us.  I’m sure people have
seen I dropped by because of mybloglog photo or ip address. We make some judgment calls about whether we need to respond, or
simply digest the perspectives being expressed or go away and act on
the information, or perhaps, in some cases, especially media and
aggregator sites our customers may  already be responding sort of on
our behalf.”

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    Sarah – Appreciate the shout out regarding the interviews with Tony, CEO of Zappos and Richard, one of Dell’s social media mavens. You have to admire companies that are taking a leap into the unchartered waters of social media. And more so are willing and eager to share their lessons learned.

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