October 5, 2022

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PR Star (and Other PR Blog Jots)

PR Star (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Flack as the Star?
Pro PR
At the public affairs firm I worked at prior to joining CustomScoop, the idea that the public relations team worked strictly behind the scenes was a pretty big deal–it was our clients we wanted to see in the papers, not ourselves. Which, as Joe Thornley aptly points out, is part of what makes social media so interesting. We’ve entered an era where the spokesperson has become not only a public face of a company, but a public person in their own right, using RichardatDell as an example. “Social media demands transparency and authenticity. That means that we must be front and centre as individuals when we are playing the role of spokesperson for our organization. If you want an example of what I’m talking about, take a look at RichardatDell . Richard Binhammer has been one of Dell’s most high profile people in the blogosphere since mid-2006. He is part of the conversation through his personal blog , direct outreach to bloggers , Twitter and real world presentations . And he does this with transparency and authenticity. The corporate
spokesperson becomes a real person – and our trust increases because of this.”

Finding an Audience in the Tivo Era
Six Pixels of Separation

At a time when so many TV watchers are recording their favorite shows to DVR and fast-forwarding through commercials, it must be troubling and interesting to be in advertising these days. Mitch Joel is amused that so many marketers are still wary of online advertising, when virtually everyone we know is online, particularly when TV networks cannot even guarantee their figures, as consumers are deciding for themselves when to watch. “It’s getting harder and harder for media to hide behind numbers that are self-audited. It might be getting even harder to put value on the notion of prime time, as the world shifts beneath their feet. Prime Time is really all about the Consumer choosing when (and what) they watch. This could be at any given time of the day, or any given day of the week.”

Databases and PR Spam
PR Communications
John Cass and Jason Falls go behind the scenes of the ruckus caused by Gina Trapani of Lifehacker earlier this week. They interview sources at Cision, which admits its mistake of publishing Trapani’s personal email address in its media database. (The company has contacted Trapani to apologize for the error and offered to allow her to review Lifehacker’s listing.) John and Jason wonder if media databases frequently used by PR firms might be contributing to the friction between PR and the media. “Unfortunately, when there’s a lot of work to do, corners get cut. Pull
the email address off the website. It’s accurate – the outlet put it there. Done. But there is no effort to ensure it is the right email address to use and for what purpose. This has probably happened at all the media research firms on multiple occasions.”

Zappos and Twitter
Diva Marketing Blog
I have been following the Twitter reach of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh with great interest, as the company seems to be conducting itself online in a case-study worthy way, taking the time to form relationships and using the tools correctly. Toby Bloomberg interviews Hsieh about the Zappos approach to Twitter. “You can’t fake or mandate passion, you actually have to be passionate. On Twitter, people can tell whether you are actually passionate about connecting with other Twitterers, whether they are your customers or employees.”

Kindle Word Spreads…
CC Chapman
Oh, the Kindle, why must you continue your march of destruction of one of the things I love most (reading books; books, with pages!). CC Chapman has become your latest victim, as he raves about your creepy realistic screen and your compact size. Sigh. The march continues…. “I’ve had it less then 24 hours, but I already really like it. The screen scares me because it is so clear. It looks almost fake when you look at it because I’ve never seen a screen like this before. From any angle it is crisp and clear. Last night I even kicked back with it on the bean to read a chapter of Child 44 and I found that I liked it.”

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