June 28, 2022

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Sex! …Now That I Have Your Attention (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Sex! …Now That I Have Your Attention (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to another edition of CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, our weekly rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. If you’re wondering why our title this week is a bit more salacious than usual, it’s that our favorite Dunkin Donuts dwellers dedicated a portion of their podcast this week to discussing sex and marketing.

And really, isn’t it about time? They’ve had that sexy theme music all this time, after all.

That earned them the top spot this week.

Marketing Over Coffee

After discussing some copywriting tricks of the trade, John and Chris discuss a popular viral involving French maids demonstrating various topics. John points out that the question of when to throw sex into the mix in marketing is an important question, not just an excuse to discuss French maids. He argues that it might be especially important when working at live events, as throwing in a bit of sex appeal could spice up what might be a boring presentation that doesn’t stand out at a trade show.

I can’t agree more. Sometimes sex and marketing is just completely gratuitous, but other times it is just smart business. Depending on your audience, it can be something that really makes your product stand out from the crowd. Chris points out that the geek crowd is a pretty good demographic for the French maid undertaking, but it might not fly at the Republican National Convention (I’m not so sure, I’ve been to two conventions and there are folks there in way weirder getups than that!).

Around the PR Podcast Horn (as always, in random order):

The Engaging BrandPersonally (pun intended), I am loving all the discussions I”m seeing lately about personal brand management. In the latest Engaging Brand, Anna discusses managing your reputation as a “Gen-Y” member with Dan Schwabel, and how growing up online may impact the future of today’s youth.

Six Pixels of Separation
Mitch covers quite the gamut of issues this week, but I was pleased to see him discuss the new Facebook chat application the site recently added. I thought it interesting that it came to be with nary an outcry from anyone, so I’m glad it gets some attention here. Check out Mitch’s show to learn more. 

For Immediate ReleaseOn Monday’s edition of FIR, Shel and Neville discuss the now-infamous Gina Trapani incident, in which the Lifehacker blogger fought back against PR spam by instituting a public wiki outing bad pitchers. On Thursday’s topic, they responded to this interesting post from Eric Eggertson addressing “advertorials,” or advertising disguised as content (including CustomScoop’s own segments on FIR).

Inside PR
While the main discussion on Inside PR this week is both interesting and important (when to promote an employee–I continue to love how this particular show examines much of the business side of PR as well as the “geek stuff”), I particularly was interested in a listener comment. A regular listener posed the question, is it really possible to save a company mired in a communications crisis or scandal with an excellent PR campaign?

Media Driving
He is not in the car this week, but Jay Moonah still has a few thoughts to share. He discusses permanence of communications in the digital age, and the implications of portability versus permanence. He discusses Harold Innis’ work discussing the permanence of written works, applying it to everything from stone carvings (very permanent) to paper parchment (very temporary, but portable). It’s an interesting look at how our communications have changed with the advent of technology.

PRobecast The team from Topaz focuses on journalism this week, noting that circulation numbers for two major U.S. newspapers have actually gone up–even while newsrooms are shrinking. What does this mean for journalism? Check out their show for more, but also be sure to attend next week’s social media club event on this very subject: The future of journalism and social media.

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