June 28, 2022

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So What Makes You an Expert? (and Other PR Blog Jots)

So What Makes You an Expert? (and Other PR Blog Jots)

What Makes You An Expert?
Blogging Me, Blogging You
Most people automatically balk at the phrase “social media expert.” Many will argue that there is no such thing, because of the new and ever-changing nature of this medium (not to mention that in PR, you should have many more skills in your arsenal than just a good knowledge of social media). Ed Lee points out that the strategies you employ are ultimately far more important to your overall success than just expert knowledge of the shiny new toys. “

Because all the shiny new toys in the world, without a solid,
coherent strategy behind them will just end up as the Emperor’s
clothes: you’ll still be naked and unprotected underneath it all. Because, while new and scary to some communicators, as long as you
have a deep, strategic view to communications, these cool new tools
should be able to fit seamlessly into your arsenal of existing tactics.”

Time to Change

Conversation Agent

I thoroughly enjoy all posts discussing the new and exciting career options that spring up as a result of businesses adopting new media strategies. Valeria Maltoni ponders this idea, and how social media may be permanently altering jobs in marketing. Marketing itself, she argues, has been forced to change and evolve–and the employees and employers within it should as well. “This is beyond going from mass push to personalized mass push. It’s
first class pull. For that you need to begin to understand (listen for)
what people are looking for, what is sticky in your site, and learn to
respond to their needs in real time. The biggest advantage a small
business with a blog has over you with a big site, is that the marketer
at the blog can adjust the content to the needs of the readers on a

New Crisis Comms Guide
Crisis communications have always been an important skill set, but the disintegration of the news cycle and the instant nature of access to information in the 2.0 era have vastly changed the way a crisis communications plan needs to be conducted. Gerald Baron gives a quick review of the latest crisis comms guide from PR News, and notes one element that seems vital has been excluded. “I haven’t ponied up the $400 for the book nor have I read it. But a
quick review of the table of contents suggests that one of the key
lessons of crisis management today may not be adequately addressed:
direct communication. Media relations is still a critical element of
effective crisis management. But far too many think it is the only
element-in fact, they tend to equate media management with crisis

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