June 28, 2022

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The Big Give (and Other PR Pod Jots)

The Big Give (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to another edition of CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, our weekly rundown of all the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. It’s another rather light week for podcasts this week, perhaps many of our favorites are still out on school spring break!

We begin this week with a lesson on giving back, via the Engaging Brand.

The Big Give – The Engaging Brand

Anna Farmery interviews Bob Burg this week, co-author of the Go-Giver, who argues that sometimes giving back can be one of the best ways to create ambassadors who will spread the world about your brand. He notes that many people view business with a cynical eye, and powerful businessmen are frequently portrayed in pop culture as cruel, unfeeling and cold, rather than open and giving.

By being the latter, according to Bob, you create enough good will that you will ultimately be successful. I’m glad he points out that there is more to success than just being “nice,” but also doing the right things and offering something valuable, understanding of course the difference between “price” and “value.” He admits his theory might be slightly naive, but I like anyone who suggests that business be a bit less “me-focused.”

Around the PR Podcast Horn (as always, in no particular order):

Media Driving Jay covers one of my favorite topics in this edition of Media Driving’s podcast. Why is it that no one gives Apple a hard time when they don’t “join the conversation?” And what of Seth Godin? He’s the “guru” in all this, but is not even on Twitter (his “account” is not actually him). It’s a great topic; my theory on Apple is that their products are so popular and their marketing so clever, that they honestly don’t need to participate to generate good will.

For Immediate ReleaseOn Monday’s edition this week, FIR focuses on the news that Wikipedia will soon be available as a book (in Germany, anyway), something our CEO Chip Griffin thinks is a bit of proof that print is not quite dead. Thursday’s episode runs the gamut, discussing Twitter, business ethics, and using social networking sites as a source of information in emergency situations. 

Inside PR Terry is joined this week by Keith McArthur and Julie Rusciolelli, who comment on the value of communication in the face of strikes that impact the public. A recent transit worker strike in Toronto created significant ill will with the public when unions failed to notify the public of their intentions, leaving many stranded. The trio also discusses the political concerns facing the upcoming Summer Olympics in China.

Marketing Over CoffeeJohn Wall and Christopher Penn highlight a few useful tips for writing press releases and building email lists. For press releases, they stress the need to include testimonials avoid distracting content. The two agree that the best method to build email lists is to collect information yourself by offering value to your customers. Other techniques they discuss include buying third party lists and using LinkedIn to reach new names associated with your existing contacts.

Six Pixels of Separation Mitch Joel has some great content on his 101st podcast this week, including an expoloration into why government has such a hard time grasping social media. I think it’s something that would be difficult for any bureacracy, really. Bureaucracy is not used to the concept of transparency, and sure does not jive with the free-wheeling nature of the blogosphere, or loss of message control. Also, a return to the weekly six points! Six things Mitch has learned over 100 podcasts.

Jaffe Juice
Joseph Jaffe is a particularly busy man these days, bouncing from speaking engagement to speaking engagement not only “across the Sound,” but across the globe. This week, Jaffe takes some time to address the importance of focusing time on our “three lives:” personal, professional, and private. To that extent, he suggests it may be worthwhile to build two online social profiles, one for “fake friends” and another for real life friends, where different types of information is shared. Episode 108 also discusses the importance of direct mail campaigns, both to marketers and the general public.

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