January 19, 2019

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The Expectations Game (and Other PR Blog Jots)

The Expectations Game (and Other PR Blog Jots)

The Expectations Game
Pro PR
The client-agency relationship is something that Joe Thornley spends more time on than other PR bloggers, and I was especially interested in this post. Often times, miscommunication begins immediately between firm and client, setting the relationship up for failure. He stresses the importance of setting clear expectations for both sides. “It’s hard for a company to look a proffered contract in the face and say, “Hold on. Let’s be sure that your expectations are reasonable
before we start.” But it’s absolutely essential. And the companies that have the courage to insist on this step will only help themselves in the long run.”

Louis Vuitton and “BrandJacking”
Web Strategy by Jeremiah
In an issue that popped up in a few different places, high-end luggage and handbag maker Louis Vuitton is suing the maker of an anti-genocide t-shirt that used an image of the brand’s popular monogrammed handbags. Jeremiah Owyang has an excellent roundup of the issue, including his own thoughts on the positions of the two sides. “Here’s my take, from what I can tell, Louis Vuitton (and the dog) have nothing to do with Darfur, and their brand is being dragged through the African mud. Their response is pretty standard and expected, to protect the image and brand that they’ve been working to build. I’m sympathetic to them getting brand jacked, as they’ve not done anything to occur this unwanted attention.”

MySpace Snobbery?
Social Media Explorer
To denigrate MySpace as played out is the standard among PR-oriented social networkers, but Jason Falls has a pretty good defense for the much-maligned network. He points out that while “inside the bubble” has forgotten about it and moved on to greener pastures, it is still the number one network in terms of popularity, and shouldn’t be ignored. “Ignore MySpace because of its gaudiness and free expression and, “that is soooo 2006,” if you like, but ignore it at your own peril. That’s where the majority of the world is and will be for the foreseeable future. MySpace is gobbling up content deals with mobile networks, continually expanding their offerings to engage their users and, like them or not, they’ve got Newcorp’s pocketbook.”

You Scratch My Back…
PR Princess
I honestly can’t believe there aren’t more versions of this site. Claire at PR Princess highlights “Help a Reporter Out,” a service which lets reporters enter queries for story sources, expert interviews, and other resources. It’s an excellent idea that could benefit both reporters and public relations pros do their respective jobs more effectively. “I would love to see a reverse system start, kind of a story ideas repository that reporters could subscribe to and have queries that
match their needs emailed to them. Anyhow, I’ve answered a few of Shankman’s queries and have had no luck so far, but he reports that many of my colleagues have, so that’s encouraging.”

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