January 19, 2019

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Tweeting for Business (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Tweeting for Business (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Tweeting for Business
Social Media Group
When I first joined Twitter last year, one of my colleagues here at CustomScoop tried to figure out how exactly it could be used specifically for business (not just as a resource for cool links and other information). Colin Carmichael has a great post with just those ideas, four ways that Twitter can be used for business, including as a “group tweet” function where team members can swap ideas and progress. “This 3rd party Twitter application allows to you set up a group account that
receives direct messages and republishes them to the group account’s followers. If the group account’s settings are such that its updates are protected, a completely private broadcast environment is created. This is really only useful where an existing group is already using Twitter fairly heavily. Here at SMG, three of us have been testing the service as an internal back-channel to share links, comments, etc.”

Moving on from the Echo Chamber?
The Buzz Bin
In choosing to end the blog associated with his book, Geoff Livingston has some interesting thoughts on the echo chamber. We walk a fine line between wanting to move on and innovate and evolve and to continue to educate others and bring fresh new voices into the fold. “Here on the Buzz Bin, my contributions tend to be much more on latest developments, trends and impact. It is a place to innovate. Yet at the same time, a recent conversation with PR Squared’s Todd Defren reminded me how important it is to keep newer minds educated, to offer refreshed discussion of old topics.”

Conference Advice
Pistachio Consulting
Hitting a social media (or any) conference for the first time can be a bit daunting and intimidating, even to those who are not easily unnerved in social situations. Laura Fitton has some great advice for getting the most of your conferences, not only for the networking opportunities they provide but for the new ideas and education available. “Don’t just grab (and foist) business cards, find ways to loosely connect with the people you meet going forward. Leave doors open or ajar. Use a presence application or a social network to allow the contact to gradually become more known to you and to get to know you better. Read each other’s blogs, share ideas, allow the relationship to emerge organically instead of confining it to a contact management dead-end.”

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