January 19, 2019

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What Do You Do, Anyway? (And Other PR Blog Jots)

What Do You Do, Anyway? (And Other PR Blog Jots)

What Do You Actually Do?
Common Sense PR
After all the back and forth this weekend between bloggers, PR pros, and others, Eric Eggertson attempts to answer a pretty valid question that a lot of people likely get wrong: what exactly does a PR professional DO, anyway? “Most bloggers (and many journalists) seem to assume that the only
thing a PR does all day is dream up pitches and indiscriminately spam
them to innocent victims. If that we in fact what PR was all about then I’d have no problem writing off the entire profession as a blight on society.”

Google and Your Reputation
Communication Overtones
It seems to be personal brand management week here on the jots, but I can never overemphasize the importance of using Google as a reputation monitoring tool. Kami Huyse recently joined a PRSA teleseminar with SEO whiz Lee Odden on reputation management, and posts some of the highlights along with a slideshow of the presentation. “Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in a PRSA teleseminar about online reputation management with Lee Odden of Toprank Marketing. You should also be sure to subscribe to his blog, and if you use Twitter, to follow him there as well.  His insights are always interesting and he is a wealth of resources.”

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Social Media
Dave Fleet
It’s always been especially curious to me that Apple, a company with such a loyal and active fan base online, eschews social media. As Dave Fleet notes, they discourage employee blogging and is openly disdainful of social media in general. He points out that it is because of this loyal fan base that the company has no need to engage. Is it truly only the companies with a large number of active critics that need to worry?  “Apple focuses on creating a fantastic user experience. Whether it’s
the iPod, the Mac or the iPhone, Apple’s strength of design gives an
experience that people love. Sure, they would probably benefit from engaging with customers, listening to what they’re saying and responding like Dell, GM or Comcast.
Let’s face it, though, like it or not those companies don’t have the
rabid following that Apple does. They need to reach out to convince

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