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Advertisers Shift $1 Billion to Web

Advertisers Shift $1 Billion to Web

New Ad Age analysis (via TechCrunch)
reveals that the nation’s top 100 advertisers moved about $1 billion dollars
away from radio and TV in favor of Internet ads last year.  Overall, the total
amount spent on advertising was unchanged, but the Web benefited from a new
trend away from traditional media.

Specifically, Ad Age reports that, “Measured
spending on internet display advertising last year surged 33% […] Web display
ads — banner ads and the like — accounted for 6.8% of [Ad Age’s 100 Leading
National Advertisers]  measured spending in 2007, up from 5.1% in 2006 (and more
than double 2003’s 3%).”

Whether or not Web advertising will be able to maintain its
impressive growth rates is debatable. Early 2008 numbers indicate a slight
decline, which is likely linked to the sluggish economy.

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    Simon Small

    In Australia, advertising spend on online has beaten radio…
    My gut feeling is that there is a lot of growth to come. In the last 12 months there have been major advertisers in Australia moving the majority of their advertising budget to online.
    No doubt, Australia is well behind the rest of the world, but we’re catching up… In fact last year we were ranked 15th out of developed countries in usage of social media for advertising. SAD.

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