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Enterprise 2.0 (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Enterprise 2.0 (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to CustomScoop’s weekly PR Pod Jots, our rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere for the week. I wanted to start with the Topaz Partners’ PRobecast this week, as Todd Van Hoosear was kind enough to be our guest on the Media Bullseye Roundtable this week. Hey, we’re nothing if not shameless!

PRobecast – Meet the Newbies

Todd Van Hoosear welcomes a big crew of new Topaz employees to join him on the PRobecase this week, and among a few other things they discuss last week’s Business Enterprise 2.0 conference. For anyone who wasn’t able to attend, Todd gives a small recap of some of the panels, including one about transparency. He notes that even government agencies are getting into the transparency game, as there were two CIA guys on a panel talking about the need for open standards and access to content.

I actually think government should be the one exception to the transparency rules–where does it end? We talked about this on the Roundtable a couple of weeks ago in a discussion about whether Scott McClellan should be raked over the coals. Sometimes there are greater issues at stake (like national security) that ought to take precedence. 

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in random order):

The Engaging BrandAnna Farmery welcomes Geoff Livingston to the program this week to discuss, well, engaging! Engaging in social media that is. Geoff offers advice for companies looking to enter the fray online, including tips for branding, PR strategy, and how to manage a social media campaign within a company.

On the Record
Eric Schwartzman interviews Spencer Ante in an episode dedicated to venture capitalism. Spencer discusses his new book, “Creative Capital: Georges Doriot and the birth of Venture Capital,” and gives his thoughts on PR, web 2.0 for business, and more.

Media Driving
In a quickie podcast (my favorite kind, wink), Jay Moonah discusses creativity and time. Are you more creative when you have a specific time limit to work with, or do you need unlimited time to accomplish your creative goals?

For Immediate Release
Neville is leading the way for FIR this week with Shel out of pocket, although
Shel does contribute from the road. On Monday, FIR discusses FriendFeed,
LinkedIn, and how a company blog, or a lack thereof, impacts a PR agency’s
credibility. On Thursday, the show discusses the latest Beta version of Skype
and the raging feud between the Associated Press and bloggers over copyright

Six Pixels of SeparationMitch covers several topics this week, including bits about marketing and the music industry, blogging, and word of mouth. He also offers six ways to change your thinking about marketing.

Marketing Over CoffeeChris and John talk websites this week, both blog and otherwise. They give a review of the website of one of their readers asking for an Extreme Website Makeover, and discuss Google Ad Words, redirects, and other website issues.

Inside PR
Terry Fallis, David Jones, Martin Waxman and Julie Rusciolelli discuss
strategies for bringing in new business and managing new clients once they are
brought in. There seems to be some agreement that a comprehensive approach
involving the entire team is preferable to relying on a single person to go
after new business. The group also discusses how to best structure PR agencies
for other purposes.

Jaffe Juice
Joe has two different yet equally compelling conversations in the latest edition of Jaffe Juice, both from the same geek dinner in Miami recently. First, he discusses conversational marketing with 7th Son Trilogy author JC Hutchins. Also at the dinner was Yahoo’s Jason Annello, who offers his thoughts on the top three current marketing trends.  

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