December 19, 2018

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Firefox Three Tops 12 Million Downloads

Firefox Three Tops 12 Million Downloads

Mozilla is actively talking with the good people at the
Guinness  Book of World Records in an
effort to confirm that Firefox 3 has set a
new record for most downloads in a single day. 
Firefox was downloaded more than eight million times in the 24 hours
following its release on Tuesday, and the new browser is now at 12 million and

Perhaps more importantly, Firefox 3 is earning wide
praise.  Tech gurus are falling over
themselves applauding the browser’s speed, as well as its “Smart Location Bar,”
which shows a list of relevant links when users to type words directly into the
address bar.  But it certainly has not
been all smooth sailing for Mozilla. Already, a critical flaw has been
unearthed, which could allow hackers to gain control of computers
remotely.  For now, Mozilla insists that
the threat is “minimal” because the exploit’s details are yet unpublished.

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