December 19, 2018

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First Twebinar Today (and Other PR Blog Jots)

First Twebinar Today (and Other PR Blog Jots)

First Twebinar Today
PR Squared
Today at 2pm is the launch of the first Twebinar, a webinar with interactive capabilities via Twitter, that will feature such 2.0 luminaries as Chris Brogan and Todd Defren. Todd discusses the tactics behind the Twebinar, sponsored by Radian6, which he feels fit in with the POST strategy developed by Forrester Research. “(POST is Forrester Research’s angle on how to think about social marketing strategies: it stands for People, Objectives, Strategy and Technology). Radian6 is a “social media monitoring” firm.  The People they want to reach are, generally speaking, “marketers (in-house and agency) concerned about Social Media.” 

Ranking Online Social Networks
Six Pixels of Separation
We all have a lot of love for Facebook, and it’s easy to ignore that MySpace continues to rule the day, generally speaking, in terms of membership and traffic. Mitch Joel suggests taking a different approach to thinking about how we “rank” our social networks. He points out that MySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook all have different strengths and uses, so isn’t there room for all three? “Each one has its own merit and value. While an individual’s interest
and attention may shift from one to another, Facebook, MySpace and
LinkedIn each provide their own, special network depending on if you’re
focused on the past, present or future.”

Superhero PR
Tech PR Gems
I’ve noticed a trend lately of social media themes sneaking into pop culture. I’ve actually been meaning to write a feature about it, but it’s yet to become a fully formed idea in my brain. Meanwhile, Todd Van Hoosear points out that PR flacks are getting this same exposure, noting that a PR pro is one of the main characters of the summer blockbuster “Hancock”. “Jason Bateman plays a PR pro saved by Hancock who, in exchange, helps
him fix his image. He’s doing more here than just putting lipstick on a
pig-he not only fixes his image, he actually gets Hancock to change his
wiley ways. A slightly more authentic portrayal, for sure. But it turns
out, apparently, that Bateman’s character needs some fixing himself.
I’ll try to catch this opening night and write a PR-focused review for

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