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In and Out (and Other PR Blog Jots)

In and Out (and Other PR Blog Jots)

In and Out
Media Driving
In a post, oddly enough, sparked by a discussion on last week’s Media Bullseye roundtable podcast, Jay Moonah discusses what’s in, and what’s out in social networking and Web 2.0. I’m amazed that he deems Facebook “out,” but agree with his other assessments, most notably that poor, beleaguered Twitter is on its way out. “It seems like Twitter has been getting a lot of press and attention lately. The Toronto Star published yet another Twitter article this past weekend,
which is usually a sign in this country at least that something has
broken through to the general consciousness. Personally I’m still not
sure if Twitter really has a place in the lives of most people — for
the connectors and mavens of the world it plays a clear role, but will
the vast majority of people find real value in a stream of Tweets? (And
that’s assuming the service is up when they check, a dubious prospect
these days at best!)”

Five Questions…
Web Strategy by Jeremiah
This is a terrific post, in particular for anyone dealing with a company that is a bit reluctant to engage in social media. Jeremiah Owyang lists the five most common questions in regards to social media from the corporate viewpoint, including his own answers. Among the questions; why does social media matter? “As we’ve evolved, many were realizing the impact of exploding
batteries, brand hijacking, and blog evangelism. Savvy companies were
starting to adopt these tools, a few provided integrated communities
that were scrapped together or built from existing platforms. For the
majority, trying to understand why these tools matter to a business. In
addition to corporate communications, PR, we started to see other
marketing and business units being impacted by these tools, as well as

How Valuable is Your Network?
Chris Brogan

We spend all this time building our personal networks, making connections, getting to know other professionals through their blogs or networking events. But what’s it all worth? Chris Brogan breaks it down, noting the areas of business where a vast personal network can actually be a major asset in an employee (and perhaps something to put on the resume?). “Imagine the difference of employing seven software engineers versus
having access to thousands of engineers. How powerful is your internal
marketing team when they are aligned with social networking
tools and the ability to listen to your customers via these tools? What
does your HR team miss by not having their listening powers tuned into
the robust stream of human capital that roams Facebook and Twitter and

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    Jay Moonah from Media Driving

    Sarah, thanks for the link-love!
    Just to clarify, the context in which I deemed stuff “in or out” in my entry was whether a particular network or technology has broken out of the fishbowl to popular consciousness. Facebook is “out” ‘cus everyone from your grandma to your cab drive have at least heard of it, and many of them have their own page. There are still lots of “inside the fishbowl” folks who use Facebook regularly (I would include myself in this group) but it’s definitely not restricted to the insiders anymore. Sorry if I wasn’t clear on this!

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