December 17, 2018

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JetBlue to Expand In-Flight Email Service

JetBlue to Expand In-Flight Email Service

After launching a limited email service with wi-fi that partnered only with Blackberry mail and Yahoo! email accounts, JetBlue has announced that it will be expanding to offer access to other email services and Full Internet access is still not available, but the email service remains free of charge to JetBlue passengers.

Email service will expand to include Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and Windows Live Mail. Additionally, the airline will be granting access to Microsoft Exchange, which will allow professionals the ability to check in on work emails during the flight.

“As the first to offer free in-flight connectivity options to today’s
domestic traveler, JetBlue continues to listen to our customers and
evaluate the new services and features that are most meaningful to
them,” said Brett Muney, General Manager of Product Development for
JetBlue Airways. “Just five months after the launch of BetaBlue, we are
thrilled to announce further complimentary enhancements to our onboard
connectivity experience. Now our customers will have access to a
customized in-flight version of shopping service where they
can discover millions of products from the comfort of their seat.”

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