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More Measurement (and Other PR Pod Jots)

More Measurement (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, our weekly rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. There’s a lot going on this week, let’s get started! I wanted to kick things off with Donna Papcosta’s Trafcom News, because her guest on the show this week was the same as Media Bullseye’s own Roundtable podcast, the illustrious Katie Paine.

Trafcom News with Katie Paine

Donna Papacosta welcomed Katie Paine to her program this week, to discuss what Katie does best–metrics and measurement. She points out something that is a pretty important distinction that, in all likelihood, not a lot of people make: there is a big difference between measuring and monitoring.

She also points out the dearth of measurement education in public relations programs in college, and how hard it can be to push the need for measurement within organizations. This is an issue I feel will continue to be tricky. After all, as Katie herself points out, how can you accurately measure ROI when there really isn’t much in the way of “I”? Social media is an inexpensive marketing and PR tool that can reap benefits for brands and companies, but measuring results goes a long way towards increasing the credibility of social media in business.

Around the PR Podcast Horn:

PRobecast: Todd Van Hoosear and the Topaz crew cover loads of great topics this week, including measurement (I see a trend!). They cover the AP vs blogosphere brouhaha, social media’s impact on the presidential race, and the ongoing debate over which division of a company “owns” social media (I personally think that’s something determined on a case-by-case basis–why does it keep coming up?). 

Media Driving: There really hasn’t been a better time to be an online media maker; it’s something we enjoy, and we can frequently be paid for it! In his weekly offering, Jay Moonah discusses the situation where a podcaster or other media maker can also make some money, and the situations where it might not be appropriate.

For Immediate Release:
Neville and Shell were all over the globe this week, with Shel at the IABC conference and Neville in Chicago for for the New Media Academic Summit. But they still managed two great episodes of FIR, with Monday’s show touching on the ongoing “AP kerfuffle” and Thursday’s dealing with social networking news. Facebook caused a stir by banning an outside app this week, as well as teaming up with Visa for a promotion.

Six Pixels of Separation: Mitch Joel discusses the ethics of search engine optimization in today’s podcast, always a good topic because of the ways that those conducting SEO can occasionally be less than above the board. Also, his six points this week reflect on tips for good blogger relations.

Marketing Over Coffee:
Also talking SEO this week are John and Chris at Marketing Over Coffee. In order to improve your Google rank, the fellas recommend checking out social networking sites, which can provide lots of good linky love. Also: Are you going to join us in a good old fashioned (with social media flair, of course) roast of Scott Monty? If you’re in the Boston area, be sure to join the fun.

The Engaging Brand: Anna Farmery welcomes Jackie Huba to her show this week to discuss citizen marketing. Jackie, author of the Church of the Customer blog, discusses how web 2.0 is influencing marketing. Namely, citizen marketing and its overall impact, including a question regarding the almost tyranny of the vocal minority that may sometimes come into play with social media.

On the Record:
This week, although recorded at a PRSA event in 2007, Eric Schwartzman interviews PRSA Fellow Ira Yellen, discussing the challenges of running the modern PR agency. Yellen offers theories on recruiting the right talent, managing client relationships, and the three biggest problems facing PR agencies today.

Inside PR:
Dave Jones, Martin Waxman and Terry Fallis put together a great discussion on the latest Inside PR, with advice on how to take your small PR agency from good to great. Their advice is boiled down to four main points, including hiring the right experts and working with smaller, quality clients.

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