January 27, 2022

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The Cohen Incident (and Other PR Blog Jots)

The Cohen Incident (and Other PR Blog Jots)

The Cohen Incident
Shel Holtz
At first I was going to devote a lot of Blog Jots ink to the issue of Andrew Cohen’s scathing condemnation of an entire industry of hardworking professionals, but since this is the first Jots in a few days I figured I’d just highlight one of the better responses. Shel Holtz gives his best advice for what the industry can do to revive its image, noting that telling Andrew Cohen exactly where to go (as tempting as it is) is not the best solution. “I’m not the first person to suggest that PR needs to undertake a PR
campaign, and I’m still not sure how it could be done without appearing
disingenuous. But somehow, we need to shine the light on the tens of
thousands of ethical, honest practitioners who work hard every day on
behalf of their clients while upholding the spirit and letter of the
codes of ethics to which they are bound.”

Twitter Competition?
Dave Fleet
While out of pocket the past few days, I did keep an eye on Twitter, and noticed everyone and their mother mentioning Plurk, a new microblogging service (social media burnout, anyone?) and possible competition for the bug-plagued darling. Dave Fleet gives it a review, noting his own wearyness with the neverending “shiny new tools” coming out. “Perhaps, if Twitter’s outages continue, Plurk could steal away some of
its users. Lord knows our patience has been pushed to the limit
recently. Alternatively, it could carve out another niche (Venture Beat suggests it’s targeting high school teenage girls) and co-exist with the elephant in the room.”

Guide to Brand Mergers
Strategic Public Relations
FedEx bought Kinkos about four years ago, and it’s just now decided to drop the Kinkos name and call itself FedEx office. Wise move? Weird move? Kevin Dugan explains why this strategy was probably the best thing for the brand, as merging of two powerful names is never an easy undertaking. “FedEx was also adding a service by extending their brand to the
uber-copy shop. This takes time to get organized internally and
externally. Regardless of customer loyalty when the acquisition was
announced, FedEx Kinko’s has now established itself as a successfully
merged brand. FedEx gets the Gallant on how to merge brand names — by taking baby steps.”

It’s Not Paranoia If They’re Really Watching
Social Media Explorer
If Media Bullseye’s recent excellent series on reputation management has taught you nothing, perhaps Jason Fall’s offering on controlling ourselves online will be of assistance. He points out that potential employers are always online, and watching what we do and say and how we comport ourselves in general is essential. He took some time to browse potential candidates’ (and his friends’) profiles online to see what he found, and decided evangelism is the best bet. “What my adventures browsing told me was that we all need to help
educate one another, particularly those of the new generation of
professionals, as to what is appropriate and what is not. Sure, we can
also just teach people how to privatize their pictures so potential
employers can’t see them, but having them there in the first place is
the problem. Besides, what’s to prevent one of their friends from
allowing people in to see the same picture in their photo stream or
even tagging a person in a picture they have nothing to do with?”

Beat the Blog Blues
Communication Overtones
Is your blog suffering a midlife crisis? Or is it just summer and you’re spending more time thinking about the beach than you are about hammering out another blog post? Kami Huyse taps Mario Sundar to offer thoughts on how to reinvigorate your blogging life. He recommends blogging in only one place, writing tight, serialized posts, and remembering why you want to blog in the first place. “And, most importantly, let’s not forget that all mid-life crises are
psychological in nature. To strike at the root cause of blogging,
remember why it all started, the passion, the exhilaration and the fun
you had. Two years may be a long time in blogger years, but it’s not
too late to revive the passion with which you started. The best way to
do that is by focusing only on topics of interest – to you and your

Sex & the Marketing
The Buzz Bin
Like most female fans of the show this weekend, I gathered a group of gal pals and tromped to the theater in four inch heels (I was the only one to do so, everyone else made fun of me) for a viewing of “Sex and the City: The Movie.” Larissa Fair points out the genius of this film, and how it found a way to log into the female demographic and shill just about everything under the sun, and points out that marketers should stand up and pay attention, not only to women consumers, but to the ways to reach them. (Oh, and I kind of hated the movie–but still coveted about every single piece of fashion on display, not to mention the real estate.) “The recent media frenzy and box office success of Sex & the City should only encourage marketers to make sure they are reaching out to women, and doing so in a variety of engaging and different ways. Promotional partners and brands that associate with the film are guaranteed to see a boost in sales, or at least in brand recognition.”

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