December 19, 2018

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The Ethics of Persuasion (and Other PR Blog Jots)

The Ethics of Persuasion (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Old School PR Ethics
Tough Sledding
Transparency and authenticity are hot-button issues in PR and social media today. How often do we abide by them? Do we have to? Should PR professionals push back on clients who wish them to tackle a project in a less than ethical way? Bill Sledzik tackles the ethics of persuasion and PR in this excellent post. He relies on sociology to break down persuasion into a spectrum of “good” to “evil.” “While the “right” to persuade is assumed in this democratic system
of ours, you don’t win over customers with nonsense words like
“state-of-the-art” or “revolutionary.” And you don’t earn trust by
masking the intent of your message or the identity of the messenger,
both common tactics in the digital world. But how often do we urge our clients to test campaigns against a
moral gauge?”
Gender Pay Gap in PR?
PR Studies
I spend a lot of time discussing women in Public Relations with my colleague here at CustomScoop and panelist on the weekly Roundtable, Jennifer Zingsheim. Mostly, we’ve discussed the appeal of the profession that is so heavily populated by women. I was surprised to read Richard Bailey’s report regarding an apparently pay gap in the profession (at least in the UK). If more women than men work in PR, why could this be? “Yet research for
the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in 2005 suggested a
stubborn pay gap remained. The average salary for all men working in PR
was recorded as £57,165. The figure was £39,507 for women (these
figures are on page 50 of the report). What can explain this gap?”

YouTube Power
PR 2.0
I can’t speak for everyone, but I think I frequently forget about how powerful YouTube is when thinking about social media. But Brian Solis reminds us all that the best video-sharing site on the Web is also a social media force to be reckoned with. Brian recently attended an event featuring YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley, and shares some of the highlights. “When it came to the state and future of advertising and online video, his honesty was also refreshing.
As he pointed out to those wondering about revenue and monetization,
Hurley expressed, “The ad market for online video is just developing.
YouTube has only been around for three years. Traditional media has had
50+ years to work on its business model. One of the nice things about
working with Google, is that we’re on the same page for monetizing

IABC Recap  
Trafcom News
The annual International Association of Business Communicators’ conference was held in New York last week, and Donna Papacosta has an excellent rundown of the highlights. One of the more interesting elements? How far social media has come among the attendees, even in just a couple of years. “Two years ago, at the IABC International Conference in Vancouver,
social media was seen as a sort of odd duck. Blogs and podcasts were 
new and different, and communicators weren’t quite sure what to make of
them. Now, presenters would mention an employee blog or podcast as an
integral part of a relaunched intranet without blinking an eye. We’ve
come a long way, baby.”

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