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The WSJ’s Kara Swisher offers insight into next Yahoo CEO

The WSJ’s Kara Swisher offers insight into next Yahoo CEO

CustomScoop CEO Chip Griffin recently launched “Conversations with Chip Griffin,” an online radio and TV show featuring a wide range of guests from “all aspects of society”–a formidable task, but if anyone is up to that challenge, it’s Chip.

Today’s show features Kara Swisher of The Wall Street Journal, who co-produces and co-hosts All Things D, considered one of the most influential conferences examining tech and media issues. The focus of Chip’s discussion with Ms. Swisher is the current state of Yahoo, and who could be next in line to run the online property.

And “online property” is about it…one of the main points of the exchange on the show is that Yahoo can’t seem to define what it is: a search engine? a content site? a software site?

Swisher maintains that a new CEO for Yahoo needs to be someone who understands online advertising, and it must be someone who can manage–really lead, and make tough decisions.

She throws out some interesting names, including the always colorful Mark Cuban, and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, among others. Swisher also gives her thoughts on what Yahoo should be–namely, a media company. They create an audience, create content, and sell advertising directed to that audience, she points out–that’s a media company.

It’s a fascinating exchange, and I encourage you to head over to “Conversations with Chip Griffin” and give it a listen.

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