September 29, 2022

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#!$^@!!!1! – And Other PR Pod Jots

#!$^@!!!1! – And Other PR Pod Jots

Well, it’s the return of the Jots! I had to scurry down to Boston for the excellent PodCamp Boston 3 last Friday, but the Jots are back bigger and better this week as I play catch up on all my favorite podcasts from the PR and marketing podosphere.

We start things off with the team at Topaz this week, as they tackle a bunch of interesting topics on the PRobecast.

PRobecast – #**$@!!

Todd Van Hoosear, Rob Capra, and Stephanie Shultis cover the PRobecast’s usual variety of topics this week, but there was one I found particularly interesting. Following a raucous and rather foul-mouthed send-off for Scott Monty last week, Todd wrote a post wondering about the appropriateness of swearing in the workplace. As someone who attempts to keep close tabs on my personal brand, this is one of those things that catches my eye.

Personally, I try hard to never swear either in blogs or on Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking sites. But I do get comfortable enough in work environments that I might let a curse word slip. When you’re sharing an office with several people, you get familiar, you get to know personalities. Part of that might be letting a curse fly now and then. Is this a major no-no? The PRobecast team  takes a moderate approach as well, noting that sometimes swearing is ok, “within reason.”  In front of clients, however? No way. (Agreed.)

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in random order):

For Immediate Release: On Monday this week, Shel and Neville discussed one of the more interesting PR stories this year, the effort China is making to present itself in a more favorable light in the weeks leading up to the Olympics. On Thursday, they cover my favorite topic of the week, the Twitter follower outage that caused a bit of a kerfuffle earlier this week.

Six Pixels of Separation: If you’re planning on using the summer to catch up on your reading (my favorite summertime activity, preferably on a towel at the beach!), this is your podcast. Mitch Joel gives his six recommendations for summer reading, including Seth Godin’s “Meatball Sundae,” and Clay Shirkey’s buzz-worthy new book, “Here Comes Everybody.”

Managing the Gray:
CC Chapman does one of his fun “brain dump” episodes of Managing the Gray, offering a bunch of thoughts on the night before the successful PodCamp Boston 3 last weekend. He discusses the importance of making in person connections as he prepares for his business partner to come to town “in real life” for the first time in a while. I agree with his strong urge to connect with people he knows online in what some people call the “meatspace.”

Marketing Over Coffee:
At the Dunkin Donuts this week, John Wall and Chris Penn talk WordPress plug-ins, with some handy SEO tricks. They also do a PodCamp Boston 3 wrapup, and I definitely agree with their assessment of less being more for this year’s PodCamp.

Inside PR:
Continuing their reputation of being one of the more useful podcasts for PR folks in the agency setting, Martin, Terry and Julie discuss the importance of personality and “fit” in the workplace, and the agency in particular. Office culture can be so important, and often someone who is great at their job might not be right for the office in terms of personalities and getting along.  But how can you tell with potential new hires?

Dave (The Blogrocerous) and Doug (The Podopotamous) kick off their latest show by discussing some of the recent social media movers and shakers making big moves into new roles, Doug included as he heads to the Social Media Group.  Aside from their usual malarkey, the guys discuss some cool topics relating to the music industry and an iPhone 3G debate. Sadly, the word “fanboy” is invoked.

Diary of a Shameless Self-Promoter
: Heidi Miller chats about “Your Golden Rolodex” with Vickie Austin about the do’s and don’ts of networking and maximizing opportunities.  Also, if you’re interesting in podcasting and in the Chicago area, be sure to check out Miller’s “Podcasting your Passion” on August 11th.  

On the Record: This edition features thoughts on a variety of issues from entertainment reporters John Horn of the LA Times, Kevin Cassidy of The Hollywood Reporters, and Bill Keveney of USA Today.  The podcast also includes a review of New York Times columnist David Carr and his presentation at the PRSA’s Digital Impact Conference in NY in June.

The Engaging Brand: Anna Farmery offers another great podcast this week with the second part of the interview with Sherri Thomas, writer of the book Career Smart: 5 Steps to Powerful Personal Brands.  Thomas offers a number of important suggestions for determining your strengths and how to maximize them when building your brand.

Trafcom News: Donna Papacosta discusses her thoughts about the IABC International Conference, noting that social media has become the norm for many companies.  She praised Steve Crescenzo’s presentation about internal communicators and noted that Shel Holtz put his session online for those who couldn’t make it due to conflicting schedules at the event.

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    Donna Papacosta

    Nice roundup. Thanks for pointing me to some podcasts I may have missed. ^%%$$$###!!

    Heidi Miller

    Excellent summary! So many podcasts, so little time. I try not to miss the first three; those are my A-listers, too! And thanks for the link love.

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