December 13, 2018

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:-( (and Other PR Blog Jots)

:-( (and Other PR Blog Jots)

PR Squared
While I won’t name them, I can think of, off the top of my head, at least 10 companies that people would almost automatically qualify as “evil” if prompted. Some companies just get so much bad attention that their brand control is nil. Todd Defren has some interesting thoughts from inside a company that has taken some heat. Believe it or not, humans work there, how much should they play their feelings close to the vest when under fire? “It’s okay to acknowledge that pain, if you ask me – even online.  While I hope to make a strong case for engagement-for-engagement’s-sake, part of that “humanization” means being actually and truly human.  If I were the person tasked with responding to that video, I’d want to acknowledge, “Wow.  That video was really well done.  I know that because it actually hurt to watch.  Now, I hope you don’t mind if I share some information about some of the not-even-close-to-evil stuff that we’re doing?'”

Future of Online Video?
Pro PR
I had the pleasure of hearing from Rob Lane, the CEO of OverlayTV at the latest Social Media Breakfast. Joe Thornley posts a video of one of Rob’s recent talks about Overlay, and some excerpts from his arguments for building community through video. “‘If you look at video today, essentially it’s a passive experience. You put a video up. You sit there. You watch it. You may turn away and do something else. … What we’re trying to do at Overlay is to create a deeper interaction. And that interaction can be everything from hot spots to conversation in video to building community around video itself … It’s all about transforming what is a passive lean-back experience into an engaged experience.'”

I Can Has Marketing?
Strategic Public Relations
Well, I’m a sucker for kitty posts, what can I say? But this is some creative local marketing effort! Kevin Dugan describes an established business in Cincinnati using a couple of furry brand evangelists to lure in customers and get people talking. “A cat in this unconventional setting will incite interest. Cinder and Heidi purring in the window of the city’s oldest business makes you warmer than another log on the fire. It gets people talking. It stops people as they walk past. It’s Bromwell’s story. It’s the story that differentiates them from the suburban super store that sells truckloads of fireplaces and accessories — along with bar furniture and pool tables.”

Facebook Connect and Business
Web Strategy by Jeremiah
People are buzzing about Facebook Connect this week. What is it? How will it change how businesses use Facebook? Jeremiha Owyang has a few answers. Facebook Connect will allow users to log into third party sites with their Facebook ids. So what does this mean? “Brands should watch how this impacts the few launch partners first, let them sort out the bugs, and put this on the roadmap. Brands that have websites that have social actions (such as buying a product, rating, ranking, or leaving comments) should keep this in mind, as they can now extend the actions to Facebook streams.”

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