October 4, 2022

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Cuil Goes After Google

Cuil Goes After Google

A well-financed group led by former Google employees has just launched Cuil, the newest challenge to Big G’s dominance.  Pronounced “cool,” the search engine boasts an index of more than 120 billion web pages. While we do not know exactly how Google compares, Michael Arrington suggests that Cuil is “arguably the most comprehensive search engine on the web.”

Cuil claims to feature more relevant search results and tools compared to Google. However, early reviews tend to disagree. While bloggers do seem to be pleased with the new offering, they argue that Cuil does not yet measure up.

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  1. swurrey@customscoop.com'
    Sarah Wurrey

    Agreed on the name, I have no clue. 🙂
    We’re actually going to have more comprehensive coverage of Cuil’s launch in a new feature article set for tomorrow, definitely come back and check it out.

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