December 15, 2018

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Defining Characteristics (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Defining Characteristics (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Defining Characteristics
While many people dread large family gatherings for all the usual questions about non-existent boyfriends and the potential for babies, I dread them because I occasionally struggle to easily explain what I do for a living. Sometimes I wish I’d become something easily definable, like a lawyer or doctor. For ideas on how social media marketers might describe themselves, Tamar Weinberg asked several people who’d know, in a nice roundup post. “I asked several social media consultants, bloggers, marketers, search engine optimizers, and social media addicts about what they considered to be essential skills and characteristics of the most efficient and results-driven social media consultants. In the many paragraphs that follow, learn from many of the experts and hear what they consider success when using social media to engage with consumers about products and services.”

Brand for Rent
Conversation Agent
We highlighted a similar post from Todd Defren last week, so I was delighted to see the always wise Valeria Maltoni weighing in on this issue as well. Valeria tackles the idea that online “personalities” are renting their personal brands to their employers. She points out the abundance of tech-savvy digital natives entering the work force with their own online brands, and how an employer might struggle with the issue. “It’s a catch-22. Organizations want and need these individuals to borrow from their brand equity, yet they may find it difficult to understand that once inside, these are not just “employees,” they are talent, just like in a sports franchise. You capitalize on that kind of talent. You let it loose so that it can do what it does best. Most importantly, you listen to what they have to share and teach the rest of the team.”

ROI 101
Social Media Explorer
Kat French has had a series of excellent posts up on how to appropriately dive into social media for the first time, and she concludes with a “now what?” type post–once you’ve engaged, how do you determine the results of all your hard work? “When it comes to reporting, start with the story and follow up with the numbers. Which isn’t to say, of course, that the numbers aren’t part of the story. I’ve just found that when it comes to communicating ROI to the CEO, it’s often less effective to lead off with a massive spreadsheet full of numbers and nothing to help them interpret those numbers.”

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