December 11, 2018

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“Geek words” make it into Miriam-Webster

“Geek words” make it into Miriam-Webster

“Webinar,” “fanboy,” “pretexting,” and “netroots” are all among the 100 new entries being added to the latest edition of the Merriam-Webster English Dictionary, according to reports. The addition of the popular “geek” words and phrases represents a cultural and linguistic shift towards a growing tech savvy in the general population.

According to Webster’s press release, “All new dictionary entries are now available online, and the 2008 print update of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition
will be available in bookstores across the country September 1st, 2008.
Both will feature this fresh crop of new words and phrases that have
successfully become part of the mainstream English language through
prolonged and widespread usage in a variety of publications.”

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