December 15, 2018

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Good Newbie Guidance (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Good Newbie Guidance (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Good Newbie Guidance
Aaron Uhrmacher lays out an excellent five-step plan for engaging in social media that could be extremely useful to companies just starting out. He advises finding and listening to the audience and conversations you’d like to reach online, before beginning engagement. Once you’re ready, however, jump right in! “Start leaving comments on blogs, uploading images to Flickr, building a community on Twitter or FriendFeed or whatever else that strategy entails that helps further the discussion and illustrates your company’s commitment to developing these online relationships. It might also be useful for employees to create a social media editorial calendar so that it’s easier to structure time to participate. You never know what might happen, as this example from Blendtec illustrates.”

SavvyAuntie = Savvy Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Melanie Notkin befriended me on Twitter a while ago, and while I found her enthusiasm for aunthood endearing, I had no idea it was also a business strategy. Scott Monty praises her efforts at using social media to spread the word about her new business, “One of the most shrewd observations about the PANK (Professional Aunt, No Kids) demographic is that these are professional women with disposable income. Marketing to parents assumes discretionary income exists, but most parents are weighed down by significant costs already, such as mortgage, saving for college, and household expenses related to raising kids.”

Fail Whale, FTW
Brand Flakes for Breakfast
If there is an easy way of defining success in social media, I think it could be when your audience is not only not dissuaded by your failures, but celebrates them. Darryl Ohrt shakes his head in awe that Twitter, which displays an infuriating (to me) cartoon whale during it’s (infuriatingly frequent) outages, has managed to avoid a mass defections. Users actually crack jokes about the whale, and have placed it on a t-shirt. “Can your brand generate that kind of love? Can you fail consistently, over and over and STILL keep your customers fans? Not many brands can. And that’s a wonderful testament to the power of Twitter. Tweet. Tweet.”

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