October 5, 2022

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Grammar Camp

Grammar Camp

There is an episode of “Family Guy” where the evil Baby Stewie takes over the world, and one of his first orders of business is to threaten to send anyone who uses the phrases “irregardless,” “a whole nother” and “all of a sudden” to a work camp.

I am absolutely in favor of this.

Certainly nothing brutal, but some form of forced remedial grammar education camp, where you can’t leave until you can punctuate accurately, identify objects and subjects, and realize that really, the word “impact” is not a verb. (It’s not!)

I like Stewie’s idea so much I am instituting the Stewie Griffin Law of Irritating Phrases and Words. Violators will be sought out and sent to camp. (Maybe WordCamp? Oh, wait, wrong Word…)

This started as a Tweet, in which I express my hatred for the phrase “I love him/her to death.” Granted, there’s nothing inherently grammatically incorrect about that phrase. It just bugs me.

Official List of Irritating Words, Phrases, and Grammar Mistakes:


“A whole nother”

“I love him (or her) to death”

“Could of” and “Would of”

Using “impact” as a verb

“At the end of the day…”

Using “peaked” instead of “piqued”

“On the contrary…”

“Intensive purposes”

“Here, here” (it’s “Hear, hear!”)

What words and phrases would force you to send someone to the Grammar Work Camp?

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  1. jenwrobleski@gmail.com'
    Jen W.

    Great post! “I could care less” should get someone an all expense paid trip to Grammar Word Camp.

  2. jzingsheim@customscoop.com'
    Jen Zingsheim

    Overuse of the word “literally.” “He literally sat down next to me.” How could someone figuratively sit down next to you? Does that really need to be there?
    I’ve got dozens, I’m sure.

  3. swurrey@customscoop.com'
    Sarah Wurrey

    Jen W – Oh my, “could care less” is another big one for me. Or should I say “a whole nother big one!” Bah!
    Good one Jim…I also was called out on Twitter once for saying “I forgot my phone at home.”
    Apparently, either I forgot my phone, or I left it at home, not both? Something like that…

  4. heymattomalley@aol.com'

    Hear, hear WF! While I assume that we all agree that people who write: Your the best! should be sent to the guillotine, I have another more obscure grammar irritant: the preposition “of” should NEVER follow the adjective “myriad,” nor should the letter “a” proceed it. “You have a myriad of options” is WRONG. “You have myriad options” is RIGHT. Finally, periods (or commas) go inside quotation marks. I would like to become a counselor at this camp.

  5. a_tronicek@yahoo.ca'

    I think Stewie says “all of the sudden”, not “all of a sudden” in his rant, because I remember watching that episode and thinking, yes! yes!
    George Carlin has some hilarious rants about grammar. In his book, Brain Droppings he talks about redundancies. Such as, added bonus, free gift, combined total, potential hazard, join together, new initiative, advance warning…oh, man, there’s so many! It’s funny because it’s true.

  6. no@way.com'

    “first orders of business is to threaten to send anyone who uses the phrases “irregardless,” “a whole nother” and “all of a sudden” to a work camp.”
    Actually, it’s “all the sudden” as “all of a sudden” is a good phrase….

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