September 25, 2022

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Happy Slam Cuil Day (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Happy Slam Cuil Day (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Happy Slam Cuil Day
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I have a question: Do people really want a Google replacement? Becuase the fervor of reactions to Cuil yesterday (and yes, Media Bullseye covered it too!) leads me to believe people either want a Google replacement, or want to see one crash and burn. Kyle Flaherty discusses “Slam Cuil Day,” wondering if they were almost set up to fail. “As I said in the video; overall I’m not sure it sucks, yet.  But I agree with Todd Defren and Mel Webster that it wasn’t ready for prime time and this much publicity.  In fact all the publicity just created a higher bar for Cuil to reach, which was impossible at this stage of their development.  With a simple demo you can see that Cuil is in early Beta, perhaps even Alpha…so why wouldn’t you launch it with that caveat to create better expectations?”

More on Cuil
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In another of the dozens of posts on Cuil in the last couple days, John Cass echoes my initial reaction to the site. It looks really cool, but can anyone really compete with the mega-search monolith that is Google? Maybe not. “Reading through a few Cuil reviews today, the reviews compared the results from Cuil to Google and found the new search engine wanting. The service has a tough competitor to beat in Google, especially on its own turf. I am not convinced that any company can come into the marketplace and outright beat Google for search. The company has so many advantages, years of technology development for results, the server farms, and the partnerships.”

Pretty Mobile Blogging
Neville Hobson
I enjoy a blog post with actual usable tips. Not that opinions and reports on the goings on in social media and PR  aren’t important too, but the technology surrounding all this stuff can be confusing for many who want to get involved, so I like a good “tech tips” post now and then. This post from Neville Hobson on how to make your blog more readable on mobile devices was extremely useful. “My blog has a nifty plugin installed called WordPress Mobile Edition, created by Alex King. The blog has no separate URL: when you visit here at from a mobile device, the plugin automatically detects the type of browser and serves a nicely-presented version of the site that is designed for those small screens and focuses on text and links not graphics. So the blog loads rapidly on your mobile device, which is what you want when you’re out and about, whether on wifi or a cellular connection.”

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    Neville Hobson

    Thanks for the highlight, Sarah, and glad you found the post useful.
    If Media Bullseye ran on WordPress, you could install the plugin here too 🙂 Still, when I access the site from my N95, it pulls up the Atom feed so I see a sort of mobile-friendly version.


    I really can’t see PRs to be to blame for the Cuil cock-up. Having worked with lots of tech start ups the pressure to hype it up often comes from the founder not the marketing types

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