October 5, 2022

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Make Me a Viral (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Make Me a Viral (and Other PR Blog Jots)
Make Me a Viral
Social Media Marketing
Many thanks for Scott Monty for this post–let’s all say it together: you can’t just invent a viral video. You can try your hardest to create something that’s valuable, interesting, and that you hope will catch fire on YouTube, but nothing is guaranteed. “Virality (if there is such a term) lies in results. It means that if you’ve created something worthy of passing along and comment, it will be more likely to reach epic heights on YouTube or whatever other way you’re choosing to measure it.”

PR 101
Tough Sledding
Marketing vs PR was one of the hot topics at one panel I attended at this weekend’s PodCamp Boston. Bill Sledzik encounters some of the same issues in defining PR as opposed to marketing, and attempts to lay it out clearly, once and for all. “There’s a much larger picture to this PR thing, and I remain troubled that so many of our partners on the marketing side don’t see it. So today I begin the process of setting the record straight. We’ll see from the volume and quality of the conversation if any of this matters. While PR frequently integrates its efforts with partners in marketing, PR is not and never will be a subset of marketing.”

BlogHer = Marketing $$$
Web Strategy by Jeremiah
The BlogHer conference is becoming one of the premier social media events of the year–not just for attendees and those following from home, but for marketers. Jeremiah Owyang points out how marketers are clamoring to get “in” with the female blogging audience. “I just got back from the pre Blogher party at Guy Kawasaki’s house, even today, as I gave a social computing workshop, I heard from yet another brand that they are desperately trying to reach women bloggers. Why? Well first of all, many of them control the financial spending at the household (ahem, that’s true at my house) and they are also ‘creators’ with blogs, pictures, video and podcasts -they’re influencers. With so many brands understanding the new “Google” world, where influence can happen from digital creators, they do what they can to reach them.”

Social Media Monitoring Strategy
Media Guerrilla
In a must-read post, Mike Manuel lays out some concrete steps for how a brand can start monitoring social media sources. He offers tips on the types of services you can use, and how to take your engagement from the listening stage to participation. “It’s with this in mind, that I thought it might be interesting to outline, at a really basic level, what a social media monitoring and engagement program looks like in its entirety (if you take a sec and extend it past the obvious tasks). And note, I’m looking at this more from a general internal infrastructure perspective, so yeah, beware, your mileage may vary.”

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