December 15, 2018

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More from the Cuil Kids (and Other PR Blog Jots)

More from the Cuil Kids (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Cuil is Cool
Communication Overtones
Cuil has been covered ad nauseum, it’s true, but I had to add a couple more reviews of the site to the Jots here. Kami Huyse does a good job reviewing the site, including some suggestions for how Cuil could go from good to great. “One big drawback of the search site is that you have no idea how important the links it serves to you are.  Here would be my wishlist for the site: 1. Have a sort function by relevance and date 2. Include the ability to subscribe to an RSS feed of your results.  For those of us that use search for business purposes, to keep track of brand identity, this is essential.”

Cuil Nostalgia
Marketing Begins at Home
The hype for Cuil and the nonstop coverage has been a bit overwhelming, and it must be even more so for the team behind the site, considering not all of the reviews have been forgiving. David Parmet points out that Cuil might be better served if they had gone allowed a little more user feedback prior to launching. “Let’s imagine the past two days had Cuil opened itself up to a public beta testing process in the lead-up to the launch. Not only would they have a stronger product, but they would have a vocal community of users willing to jump to their defense.”

Olympic PR
The Flack
The Olympic Games are set to open in Beijing in just a little over a week, and the PR fervor has been growing for much longer than that. Peter Himler links to several of the negative stories from the past few weeks, and notes that China has quite the PR lift. “Can they pull it off? Will “the thrill of victory and agony of defeat” overshadow all else? How can you keep all those bloggers down on the farm? From this blogger’s perspective, I’d say you’d be hard pressed to find a PR pro who wouldn’t agree that the Herculean PR task with which China is now confronted — as the media spotlight takes focus — makes all others pale in comparison.”

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