October 4, 2022

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SMC Creates Board of Directors (and Other PR Blog Jots)

SMC Creates Board of Directors (and Other PR Blog Jots)
Social Media Club Board of Directors
Social Media Club
The Social Media Club, an organization focused on advancing new media and social media, announced this week that it now featured 42 volunteers forming an interim board of directors. The group will be responsible for helping set the course of the organization and assist chapters with membership recruitment and development, among other goals. “According to Chris Heuer, founder of Social Media Club and Partner at The Conversation Group, “The Social Media Club is honored to have so many accomplished and well-regarded industry evangelists come forward to lead the organization. While the interim board will focus on charting the organization’s future direction, our core mission will remain the same: promotion of media literacy; support of industry standards efforts such as Creative Commons licensing, Microformats, Data Portability and OpenID; discussion and promotion of ethical behavior; and sharing our knowledge among our members and the industry community at large.””

Blog Politics
Marketing Conversation
With the election year in full swing, political blogs are riding high, enjoying increased readershiop and participation from their audience. Jonathan Trenn notes with interest the study we discussed on the Roundtable last week, that those reading and writing political blogs tend to be far more rigidly partisan than the average citizen. IAre blogs reinforcing extreme values? And is this helpful to intelligent discourse? “At times now I think that both sides are more interested in entering political battles in order to trash the other side rather than address the issues they’re trying to supposedly solve. This essentially makes solving the problems we face TWO challenges away. The first is trying to overcome the lack of desire to reach consensus, the second is the stronger desire to bash the other side rather than even think of trying to reach a consensus.”

Should Southwest Do Some Crisis Blogging?
A Shel of my former self
As Southwest faces its latest public relations challenge, Shel Holtz wonders why they aren’t taking their case to their blog. During last year’s “scandal” regarding a passenger barred from a plane due to revealing dress, Southwest actively blogged about the issue. This year, in regards to a family with unruly children being barred, they’ve remained silent. “If the tale of miniskirted Kyla Ebbert warranted discussion on the Southwest blog, why doesn’t this? Do companies have an obligation to be consistent in how they use their official corporate blogs? My guess is yes; once you establish the blog as a vehicle for addressing a specific type of issue, you should make sure to continue using it when similar incidents arise.”

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