October 5, 2022

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Summer Vacation – Media Bullseye’s PR Pod Jots

Summer Vacation – Media Bullseye’s PR Pod Jots


It appears that while our old stand-byes are still around, many podcasters are taking a little summer break. Hope they all come back strong and refreshed. In the meantime if you have any suggestions for me for additions to the PR Pod Jots, feel free to pass them along.

We’ll start with our friends at For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release – (Molson) Golden Outreach?

On Thursday’s show this week, Shel and Neville touched on a campaign that drew my interest as well. Molson, a Canadian beer company, conducted an excellent outreach effort with social media types to promote their latest beer event. They even called their event “Brew 2.0,” which demonstrates a real understanding of the way the bloggers’ mind ticks. As much as we all claim to hate the “2.0” term, few of us can actually stop saying it.

Neville highlights Dave Fleet’s post about the Brew 2.0 event. He notes that while Dave might not be the normal audience for a beer launch, the company wanted to get to know people outside the usual suspects. Good on Molson for putting this together; and for their excellent follow-up, as Molson gave Dave some beer samples for an upcoming BBQ. Their relationship building efforts are to be applauded.

Check out Dave’s post and give your thoughts on Molson’s efforts. I’m particularly interested in how people feel about the free beer offer. I don’t have a problem with freebies, so long as no quid pro quo is required in exchange and there’s always full disclosure. You?

Around the PR Podcast Horn:

The Engaging BrandOn the latest episode of Engaging Brand, Anna Farmery interviews Gary Harpst, author of Six Disciplines for Excellence. He gives some advice on strategy, the strategy process, and how to turn that strategy into results.

Six Pixels of Separation
Mitch Joel has a very special episode this week, welcoming guest Bryan Person for the entire episode. Bryan was in Montreal for vacation, and they had an impromptu, two-person Social Media Breakfast.

Marketing Over Coffee
Among the usual gamut of topics this week, John and Chris discuss this survey available from 4Q. If you’re interested in finding out how people are using your website, you might want to check it out. Also, don’t forget about the Scott Monty Roast tonight!

Media Driving
In a bit of synchronicity, Jay Moonah discusses Mitch’s podcast with Bryan Person this week as a part of his episode this week. He picks up on an aspect of their discussion, wondering what makes someone a “x”? That is, what makes you a blogger, or a podcaster? Are labels important?

Inside PR – And finally, Dave and the team at Inside PR continue to offer up episodes that might be useful to PR professionals who have already had their fill on social media. Namely, they discuss training within agencies, why people stay versus move on, and the merits of accreditation, including APR accreditation.

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