December 15, 2018

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To Blog or Not to Blog (And Other PR Blog Jots)

To Blog or Not to Blog (And Other PR Blog Jots)

To Blog or not to Blog
A recent survey of B2B blogs on the Fortune 500 found that they were, generally, fairly lacking. Uninspired and boring, or just a rehash of press releases. Which begs the question, is it better to have no blog at all rather than have a bad one? Colin Mckay examines what makes a good blog, with some government blogging efforts as an example. “The key, as always, is use the tool effectively and understand the terrain upon which you have chosen to engage your enemy. It’s go big or go home. It’s time to break out of your institutional language, your ingrained reticence to confront opposition and your dependence upon senior administrators to speak on behalf of the organization. That’s probably why the TSA blog recently called out all its lurkers – the large majority of the 4000 unique readers per week* that the TSA blog receives – to submit questions to be answered in coming weeks.”

No Panacea
Six Pixels of Separation
We all suffer from shiny toy syndrome, me especially. Every time a new social media tool is introduced, I practically trip and fall over in my rush to praise it (before the inevitable backlash). Mitch Joel warns against such thinking, noting that as popular as ads on Facebook are now with marketers, they might not be so hip forever. ”

Make no mistake about it, advertising on Facebook may (for the time being) deliver better ROI. You’ll probably see better click-through rates on display advertising there, you can use Facebook Ads to really target and hone in on parties of interest, and there is probably a better brand recall on advertising that is happening on their pages. For now.”

Report to the Social Media Department Immediately
Social Media Explorer
In a terrific follow-up to the recent post by Jason Falls exploring who should “own” social media (an ongoing debate in some circles, but he says PR), Kat French wonders if it shouldn’t just be its own department, since so many different facets are involved from across many levels of a company. “So I’m wondering, is there a time when you need to burn the ships? Because the truth is, social media does have too many implications for too many different parts of the business to be relegated to any existing department’s “pet project” status.”

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