October 5, 2022

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Two thoughts on Tuesday

Two thoughts on Tuesday

…the abbreviated version, since we’ve been crazy-busy here at CustomScoop.

First, print is not dead…

Creative design firm Frog Design is launching a print edition. Yes, a real, paper, dead-tree version called Design Mind. For all of those who say print is dead, why would they go this route? I’m guessing they know who their audience is, and have determined that this is a good way to reach that audience. Print is still an important way to reach certain audiences, and design is certainly one of them.

Next, cue the Fail Whale…

The service that we all love to complain about being down will get another test of its capacity later today, if ABC News airs the story about Twitter on ABC News World News Tonight. The piece, which is set to air this evening, details the horrors and delays of calling a company to register a customer service complaint–and shows how people have received almost instant redress of their grievances by complaining on Twitter.

Not long ago on the Media Bullseye Radio Roundtable, I wondered how scalable customer service done in this manner could be. I predict that the next few days on Twitter will be challenging both for users who are addicted to depend on it, and for the companies mentioned in the piece that have now set a very high bar for themselves.

An interesting aside: the concern is that Twitter will be overloaded with new users…why? Because it is being mentioned on an old-school, mainstream media news source–which is still an important news source for many people.

Of course, if new users jump on and are confronted with everyone’s favorite whale, perhaps things won’t be as challenging as I think.

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