September 25, 2022

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Apple Pulls Controversial iPhone App

Apple Pulls Controversial iPhone App

Until recently, it was possible to purchase, for $999, a little glowing ruby display for your iPhone. The application’s name? “I Am Rich.” Mainly because, aside from glow ruby-red, the application did nothing. Indicating, of course, that the bearer of the ruby had $1,000 lying around to spend on the useless fake gem (and must therefore be rich).

In an announcement this week, Apple announced the I Am Rich application would no longer be available on iPhones. It is a continuation of a purge of a few other iPhone applications, including NullRiver’s Net Share. Some bloggers are reacting to the blacklisting by calling for a list of regulations for submissions to the iTunes app store.

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    Greg Smith

    If ever there was a tool that was hyped beyond its capabilities, it’s the 3g iPhone. Lousy 2mp camera, slow syncing, no (easy) acces to third-party applications, no ability to change message tones, no video. And I fell for it.

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